Novum in German professional football Party in Duisburg after racism

Aaron Spoke (Hamburg, Germany, March 28, 1999) is a German footballer that plays as a midfielder at the VFL Osnabrück of the 3. Organization.

The infants were alleged to the Osnabrück attacker Aaron Spoke. Referee Nicolas Winter then interrupted the game in the 35th minute. After about three quarters of an hour, the match was officially aborted.

Referee Winter: There was monkey lasts from the tribune

There was a corner kick for the VFL Osnabrück and then monkey lasts from the tribune, said the impartial winter at magenta sports. He has noticed that immediately and also the assistant, both have described me the process. That’s something, where we are very sensitive and react directly, said the impartial. I tried to take care of him directly and have seen how shocked he was.

We just have the chance to apologize. We have more than understanding. This is a low point in our club history.

MTV press spokesman Martin Alderman

The game has been fully interrupted completely, said Suppress spokesman Martin Alderman on Magenta’s microphone. Alderman apologized on behalf of the entire MTV family and the affected player. MTV President Ingo Forest showed himself shocked about the words that have fallen. Alderman also confirmed that the spectators accused of racist failures could be quickly identified with the help of other fans

After the incident, the fans of both camps were connected verbally against racism and voted among other things Nazis out. About the stadium speakers, the song cry for love was played by the band the doctors.

Black Footballers in Germany | The Documentary

Also MTV actor Radio should have been insulted racist

We are not allowed to accept such a thing. Aaron is ready and was no longer able to play, said VFL Managing Director Michael Welling. The club wanted to document with the waiver of a further locomotion, that we do not accept that. For Alderman, the decision of the VFL was absolutely comprehensible. How well performed further, Duisburg’s Leroy Radio should have been insulted racist in the course of the original discussions on the edge of the side.

We also have to be grateful, for many fans of the MTV, who have reacted as they reacted. The MTV has identified the offender or the perpetrators by his fans.

VFL CEO Welling

At the time of demolition, it was 0: 0 between the two traditional teams. However, the MTV was better in the game and, among other things, by Frey (2nd), Bouhaddouz (3rd), ADEME (12th) or Stereo also first-class opportunities to lead to leadership. Now a defeat threatens at the green table. Because winter has announced as expected, write a special report. Winter to the occurrence: This is very dramatic in difficult times.

DFB calls for punishment of those responsible

The DFB condemned the racism incident and called for a punishment of those responsible: Only in this way can this incorrigible be the craft. The perpetrators must be conveniently applied, said Vice President Trainer Koch on Sunday in a DFB communication. Cook stressed, the entire German football has long been a clear and uncompromising attitude towards any form of racism. Racists have lost nothing in German football stadiums. I am glad that the referee, the responsible persons of both clubs and the outstanding majority of spectators in the stadium have expressed this unequivocally, underlined Koch.