Grim Dawn the successful devil of veterans of Titan Quest receives a definitive edition and new features

If you do not know him, Grim Dawn is one of those proposals that you should take a look if you are interested in titles as a devil. The title of Crate Entertainment was already on PC since 2016, but since you announced your arrival in Xbox, we have been waiting for a long time to fully enjoy it in Microsoft consoles.

Now, the game has already been launched with a definitive edition that brings the base experience, but also two expansion packages that improve adventure. In this way, it has new scenarios, enemies and missions, along with a hundred additional unique elements and three new characters classes, at a total price of 54.99 euros in the Microsoft Store.

The final edition brings two expansions with it during these first weeks, an update that brings has also been implemented, in addition to the adjustment of several bugs, some improvements for the game. Among them, the new graphic options stand out. That we talk about an exclusive Xbox in consoles).

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Likewise, other minor aspects have been added, such as support for three new languages ​​(Korean, Polish and Czech) or the possibility of Adjust the user interface in case the text boxes are too small on your television or display. You can check the full patch notes on your website.

When we talk about Grim Dawn, we talk about a game that, despite seeing very niche, has accumulated a lot of success. He extensively exceeded the million copies sold on PC, with his LCS selling hundreds of thousands of units since his premiere, and his proposal RPG is ideal for those looking for an adventure halfway between Devil and Titan Quest. But, if you want to know more, you can read the analysis we publish on your day.