Hideo Kojima is already working on two new games

Now what is brought between hands Video Kolyma ? That is the question that many of us have done since the launch of death stranding a few years ago. Previously, the legendary Japanese developer has given a few clues about his following projects, but to date we have not had any relevant data. However, now we already know more or less in what he is working.

Fujitsu carried out a question and answers session with more than 100 Japanese developers, including Kolyma. It was here where the father of Metal Gear gave a few clues about his upcoming titles, specifically, saying that he is working in two games: one big and another new and challenging. Beyond this, Kolyma preferred not to give more details about it, possibly so as not to unleash speculation between the community.

Hideo Kojima's Next Game LEAKED?? - Sounds Like A Kojima Game...

There are rumors that Kolyma could be working in a sequel for Death Stranding, especially after a series of comments made by Norman Reeds, who plays Sam Porter Bridges, Protagonist of this game. It was also speculated that Kolyma and INAMI had already made peace and would be working on a new Silent Hill, but this is another thing that has not been verified either to one hundred percent.

Editor’s note: Whatever the next project of Kolyma, I’m sure he will fly my head to all. After all, the Nixon creative has always stressed by breaking the mold and establishing its own gaming mechanics, something that we will surely see reflected in the following developments of it.