PS plus in January 2022 Free Games in the New Year

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The free games for January 2022 were officially confirmed. We introduce you to the three free games that you will get at the beginning of the new year in the PlayStation Plus subscription.

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PS Plus: Free Games in January 2022

After a Leak had already announced the PS plus games for January 2022, they have been officially confirmed. These are the free games that can download PlayStation Plus subscribers from January 4th:

DIRT 5 (PS5 / PS4)
Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 / PS4)
persona 5 strikers (PS4)

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

PlayStation: The new free games in detail


Dirt 5 brings you offload action SALT: In the racing game you can in quick carts over every imaginable terrain boards While you try to come to the finish first. With numerous events, competitions and routes around the world, auto fans get a lot of racing fun from the Code masters forge.

Deep Rock Galactic

In Deep Rock Galactic, you go as a minor-dwarf in procedural caves and have to claim you against all sorts of hostile creatures. The Loop shooter games you together with up to three friends — so you can support yourself on your dangerous missions and together with valuable raw materials from deadly cave systems mountains. For multiplayer fans, the Sci FI Shooter is a real insider tip.

persona 5 strikers

The Action-RPG will follow half a year later on the events of Persona 5 and mixes the world of Joker and phantom die with gameplay elements from the Dynasty Warrior Series. An explosive adventure comes out, the fans of the franchise will survive guaranteed. An accurate assessment of persona 5 strikers can be found in the test at the colleagues of Gig. (Source: Gig)

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The free games for PS-Plus members also promise 2022 a lot of action. Meanwhile, no PS5 exclusive game is what a good choice is, after all, the next-gene consoles are still hard to get.