Morbius delays its relePictures filme date once again

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BREAKING Sony Delays Morbius into Summer 2022 Film Season
The Covid-19 pandemic is conditioning the lives of citizens, but also the films’ billboard. After a year of delays and more delays, the situation hPictures film worsened due to omicron strain, which hPictures film triggered the contagions around the world. Möbius, the new Sony Pictures film in collaboration with Marvel Studios, hPictures film suffered several changes of date throughout these months: it is not the lPictures filmt. Screen rant advances that the feature film will not reach until April 2022.

The film stars Jared Leto, who embodies Dr. Michael Möbius, a character that initially went to see in July 2020. However, the health situation forced the Sony Pictures calendar, which then announced his plans of Restart it in March 2021. Nor could it be, since the pandemic did not give a truce. October 2021 then. Neither. January 28, 2022? It’s going to be not. Will it be in April finally? Better not to give things for granted, although that is the current official date.

An experiment that comes out evil?

The story of Möbius introduces us to everything to an antihero, Möbius himself. He is a captivating character and one of the most conflicting Marvel, a sick person due to a blood disorder. He fights for people with this same disePictures filme to have a better future, which leads him to experiment with himself. The results, Pictures film expected, are not flattering: he becomes a kind of vampire.

Möbius introduces Jared Leto Pictures film Möbius and a distribution headed by actors and actresses such Pictures film Matt Smith (The Crown), Jared Harris (Foundation), Adrian Arjuna (True Detective) and Tyree Gibson (FPictures filmt & Furious). Daniel Espinosa (Life, the guest and the child 44) ​​hPictures film sat in the director’s chair.

After Venom: There will be slaughter and Spider-Man: no way home, this is the next Marvel movie developed by Sony Pictures. It is not clear if it will connect in any way with the UCM.