The Last of US Part 3 and New IP? All rumors to Naughty Dogs new games

Last upgraded, January 7, 2022: New reports on Thou 2 multiplayer, Thou 2 Supervisors Cut and also Thou remake.

The Last of Us Part 2 has actually become nearly a year on the market and Naughty Dog followers questioning increasingly, what jobs the workshop could work on following. Yes, according to Thou 2-director Neil Luckmann Were Naughty Dog simply to much more games, however it is still uncertain what might exist simply behind it.

All reported games at a glimpse:

The Last people Part 3
The Last people remake
The Last people Part 2 — Supervisor’s Cut
Multiplayer The Last people 2
New Uncharted
New Naughty Dog-IP

The Last of Us Part 3

Just how likely is Part 3? After the massive success of The Last people and Part 2, a third part is currently very well imaginable, but we ought to prepare ourselves for a long haul below. Nevertheless, the studio has been dealing with Part 2 6 years.

Obtains The Last people Part 2 a follow-up? This question fans presently most likely one of the most.

The excellent information: Supervisor Neil pressure man as well as Writer in Halley United have confirmed in May 2021 that the tale synopsis of The Last people Part 3 is already completed writing, suggests that the broad summary of the story of the third series part persevere,

The bad information: The Last of Us Part 3 is loud pressure male currently clearly not in growth. Nevertheless, the Director dream that the video game eventually saw the light of day.

The Last people Remake

The first The Last of United States gets supposedly donated a remake. So composed the popular journalist as well as sector experts Jason Schrader early April 2021 in a report. Officially verified, however, the new edition is not.

Update, January 7, 22: As the well-known leaker Tom Henderson claimed the remake is also established as early as the second half of the 2,022 TH Formally confirmed however it is not.

The affirmed details on the remake: The remake was at first located in a small workshop in the works, yet will certainly now be established by Naughty Dog itself. The Last of Us-new edition is for that reason not only include brand-new graphics engine for PS5, yet also with revised gameplay technicians.


Independent of this, we approximate a brand-new version for possibly a — this may come as a filler on the marketplace to win brand-new fans as well as to revel in nostalgia old fans up until Naughty Dog then eventually announcing a totally brand-new video game.

Exactly how most likely is that? Jason Schrader has repetitively turns his insider reports in the past to be reliable, it might therefore well be that his information concerning a possible remake of The Last people are true.

The Last of Us Part 2 — Supervisor’s Cut

Update, January 7, 22: The leaker Tom Henderson has actually established itself with its commonly proper statements regarding Combat zone 2042 as a rather trustworthy source. Now he has actually also discussed The Last of the United States and also brings with The Last people Part 2 — Director’s Cut an additional title right into play, which can be situated at Naughty Dog in job.

Exactly what is reduced version in the Director’s, the leaker, nonetheless, can not say. Probably, it acts similarly to the Supervisor’s Cut for Death Stranding as well as Ghost of Sushi as well as we expect some adjustments and probably even minor brand-new content.

standalone multiplayer for The Last of the United States 2

The poor news: Given that after that we have declined it.

Just how likely is a brand-new undiscovered? In fact, the Undiscovered series is thought about to be completed — a minimum of with the adventurer and treasurer Nathan Drake in the lead role. Meanwhile, it is not omitted that a brand-new part with a new significant figure can comply with.

With many rumors to the Last of Us might be smoothly forgotten that Naughty Dog with Uncharted still has a 2nd major brand.

The Last people Part 2 came, unlike its precursor, is known to no multiplayer part on the marketplace. Even though Naughty Dog Intrigues 2 had actually already been verified in advancement. Ultimately, nevertheless, the studio backed down as well as gave up the multiplayer for Part 2, because it is fully concentrated on the single player wanted.

Last yet not least, Naughty Dog has actually been in the previous a number of times wish for even more uncharted video games without Nathan Drake: In June 2017, Shaun Escape (the Creative Director of the Lost Heritage) mentioned that there are various other tales in the Uncharted Universe could. At the beginning of 2020 teas additionally Neil Luckmann itself in a video clip a continuation of the collection.

The excellent information: The multiplayer part to The Last people Part 2 can appear as a standalone video game later, so a standalone video game will certainly be separated from the single-player adventure. To the taste Naughty Dog in September 2019 itself.

Exactly how most likely is that? It is well possible that Intrigues 2 is grown into a comprehensive project that calls for more time when Naughty Dog initially thought. According to a work deal from the month of March 2021 (by means of GamesRadar), the multiplayer must likewise provide live solution elements as well as must therefore consistently receive new material or possibly even a Fight Pass, as is normal today.

Update, January 7, 22: The statements of the leakers Tom Henderson, according to the multiplayer can appear also 2,022 TH.

In the exact same Bloomberg report from the month of April 2021, Reporter Jason Schrader asserts that a new collection part is now at Naughty Dog in job. Concrete information about this gives pellets but not price.

New Uncharted.

When the game saws the light of the world, it is difficult to estimate. All the same, the surprisingly fun multiplayer of the first The Last people took pleasure in great popularity in the Thou neighborhood, entirely excluded is a subsequent standalone launch of a successor.

Since already with the spin-off The Lost Legacy Naughty Dog has verified that the undiscovered formula is likewise up without Drake. For the treasurer, the journey may finish, however at the very same time his retirement leads the way for other heroes and also heroines from the Uncharted Cosmos.

New IP — Stray’s Cross, Savage Starlight Or another thing?

How likely is a new IP? Naughty Dog will probably not depend on all endless times on The Last people as well as Uncharted as well as eventually certainly send a new IP right into the race, the inquiry is just when? The pandemic and the connected residence office circumstance are likely to make the advancement of an entirely new video game brand make complex, with timely info ought to barely be anticipated.

The initial signs were currently in 2018: just how Gamer reported during that time, Naughty Dog had looked for a performer for a 40 to 60-year-old man in the course of a casting. A role that can communicate with Stray’s Cross.

After the substantial success of The Last of Us as well as Part 2, a third part is already extremely well conceivable, however we should prepare ourselves for a long delay below. It is well possible that Intrigues 2 is expanded right into a thorough task that needs even more time when Naughty Dog initially assumed. This is the alleged Code name for a game where Naughty Dog should work according to statements of a staff member. On the other hand, there would be Savage Starlight, where a video clip game implementation of the Last of US Comic books is currently most likely to be rather not likely. Naughty Dog will probably not be up to all endless times on The Last of the United States and also Uncharted as well as faster or later on certainly send out a new IP into the race, the concern is only when?

On the other hand, there would be Savage Starlight, where a video game execution of the Last of US Comics is currently likely to be quite unlikely. This rumor disclaimed Naughty Dogs after that Head Of State Christophe Batista, nonetheless, in the very same year on Twitter (by means of VG 24/7).

What are your dreams to Naughty Dog? Which video game would certainly you like to see from the workshop following as well as why?.

For one point, there would be Stray’s Cross. This is the claimed Code name for a game where Naughty Dog must function according to statements of a worker. As Games radar creates, it is apparently a first person activity journey in a steampunk setting, which provides two major characters: a previous scientist and also a looked criminal male.

The last of us as well as undiscovered or how concerning an entirely new brand? Reports and notes on a new Naughty Dog IP turned up a while.