Genshin Impact was the most popular game on Twitter in 2021, the social network discloses its statistics

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In 2015, he left us memorable Video games and the communities of players once again hosted likely to social networks to express themselves on these concerns. Twitter introduced really fascinating information that provides us a clear suggestion of what was most popular among the users of the social media. Of entrance, we have the reality that even more than 2.4 billion tweets were videotaped concerning video clip games, which represents one 14% even more to which we saw last year and a boost of even more than 10 times because 2017; It is additionally known that the 4th quarter of 2021 Twitter recorded the greatest discussion concerning video games in its background. Where there was a domain of the Spanish-speaking communities was in the listings that involve video gaming individualizes, where we discover designers of material from nations like Spain and Mexico.