Filling jug over Ducksch: “Hes just the better player”

He was a bit angry, Nicolas Fuller was after the ultimately clear success in Düsseldorf at the Sky microph1. The reason: Fuller had not fitted in a situation exactly enough on Marvin Duck sch. I have played yes, he should not do so, Joked Fuller.

Put him again next time

He’s just the better player, with more overview. He did his gate — and two templates. Next time I’ll put him up again. In fact, Duck sch had first gorgeous on Fuller in the game and so prepared the 1-0 (69.), then the 2-0 itself achieves (80.), and shortly before the end of keeper Florian Kastenmeier informally crossed to gap Filling jug that only had to insert (87.).


Three scorer points for duck sch, which is with ten goals (nine for Bremen) and six assists, Fuller screwed his hit account to seven also six templates. On 28 scorer points it brings the offensive duo so overall for the Hans eaten — Bremen has achieved 35 hits at all.

The two had improved potential

Nevertheless, coach Ole Werner, who had seen against Düsseldorf a lot of what we did not do well, did not praise his two top strikers too high. In the first half also the two improvement potential, says Werner, the Fuller and Duck sch but then still attested: Rear root they played well.

It will continue to arrive at your qualities when Bremen should succeed. Welder is still at Werner without point loss and pushed for the moment to rank three, next Saturday (13.30 clock) is the next important game against Paderborn. The Ostwestfalen have only two counters less than the Bremen on their account.