It turns out that Bobby Kotick was planning to buy news sites on games

Buying Blizzard Activision by Kick and Microsoft exploded all the news yesterday. The fact that Blizzard is being bought, especially after Microsoft has spoken to reassessing his relationship with society is a huge surprise for everyone, causing ripples in the gaming society. In addition, it seems that Kick will resign. And it seems that the change has not come too early.

According to the Wall street Journal, which covered Activision Blizzard and Bobby Kick over the past year, Kick intended to change public opinion. Not trying to clean things (although apparently it happened in the last year), but basically, by buying public opinion.

It seems that Kick has sought to buy the news websites on the PC Gamer and Kodak games to modify or else completely, the media coverage of what was happening at Activision Blizzard. This is at least what the report itself indicates.

Which is a very funny and alarming thought. While PC Gamer presented in depth and in detail what they discover, Kodak torn Kick with each critical report — presenting the facts and saying how much Kick and Blizzard hurt people. If the agreements had been concluded, it is possible that Kick has made people try to focus on this new acquisition, rather than negative reports on what society did.


Activision Blizzard has of course denied this statement. At this point, it is difficult to say what is the truth or not, according to them. But, at the moment, G / O Media, owners of Kodak, refused to comment on this purchase possible, and the worldwide editor of PC Gamer Evan Last, giving a rather fun response to the comment request to Euro gamer.

It’s a terribly strong reaction when we give the last Call of Duty a 60, rid of.

Presumably. Although it is not PC gamer who says yes or no to what happened or not, players will pose a sigh of relief once Kick will withdraw and that Microsoft will completely take control of Blizzard.