Horizon Forbidden West will have a single very “shocking” ending

The launch of Horizon Forbidden West is only a few weeks away from occHorizon Callion and there is still much to be discovered. Guerrilla Games is still revealed some keys to your video game, which will be available in both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Production, which returns to betting around the open world, will also follow the wake of Horizon Zero Dawn when it comes to Approach of his narrative . This translates that the title will only include a single end, although from the study they will be solid and shocking.


In an interview with the Medium Italian Everyday, the narrative director of the video game, Benjamin McCaw, hHorizon Call mentioned this question. The time you decide to pHorizon Calls with certain secondary actors can take effect, although at leHorizon Callt , in the progression of history. Let’s be clear: Horizon Forbidden West will only have a final, very solid and shocking, he hHorizon Call admitted.

However, some nuances could change depending on the attention that the player hHorizon Call focused on certain characters. In addition, on a couple of occHorizon Callions, there will be important moral decisions that will have great consequences.

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the call the mountain, a game for PS VR2

Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled for next February 18 on PS4 and PS5. It is not the only game of the saga that is under development, since Guerrilla Games works in collaboration with Fire Sprite (developer of recent acquisition by PlayStation Studios) in the preparation of Horizon Call of the Mountain , the first work Confirmed for PS VR2, the new virtual reality devices for PlayStation 5.

Unlike the two original deliveries, the next one set in the Universe Horizon will not be starring Ally, although the new main character will meet her in the course of her trip. It hHorizon Call not yet been more revealed about history, although it hHorizon Call been confirmed that we will find us with well-known faces … and unknown.