The official duration of The Batman is confirmed

Little more than a month for the premiere of The Batman, and the fans could not be more excited. These last weeks have been revealed many new details about the movie of Matt Reeves , and today we finally know what will be the exact duration of this feature film. You’d better go to the bathroom before entering the movie theater.


According to information about The Hollywood Reporter, The Batman will last two hours with 55 minutes, making it the longest film in the history of the hero. Specifically, it will be two hours with 47 minutes of action, since the last eight will be reserved for the credits, but in any case it still has a considerable duration.

As well as many other gender movies, it is possible that The Batman can include a few post-crediting scenes, although for now this is mere speculation. We know that Reeves intends to create a new cinematographic universe from this story, so the plans of it in the future could be advanced with a couple of these scenes.

The Batman It reaches cine son March 4, 2022.

Editor’s note: The Batman duration is definitely surprising, especially when longer movies today tend to last about two and a half hours. There are many elements for balancing within the feature film, so Reeves will want to take as long as he needs to develop widely each of them, and possibly, keep others for the sequel.