The most popular classes in PVP and PVP on Lost Ark

We offer you the three class (and bonus) classes of Lost Ark and the most popular in PVP and PVP by explaining why these are the most requested classes. So, you will not lose time to find a group in play! For Reminder Lost Ark is planned on PC for February 11 (or February 8 if you have anticipated access) via Steam.

What are the most popular classes of Lost Ark in EVE and PVP?

The advantage of Lost Ark is that the game is not resting on the Trinity Tank / HEAL / DPS, but some classes come closer. All classes have advantages and disadvantages, but three of them stand out for their overall utility in the EVE (Player vs Environment) group as in PVP (Player vs Player). Note, however, that all classes are good and none of it is awful, everything depends on your tastes in terms of gameplay.

At the exit of the game, you have the choice between 15 different archetypes of class:


  • Berserk
  • Pistolangeal


  • Essentialist
  • Elementals
  • Pugilist
  • Spirit ite

Sniper :

  • Rifle
  • Artillery
  • Franc-shooter
  • Relentless salvo


  • Bard
  • Witch


  • Warlock
  • Sanguerame

This short list offers the classes that players are looking for the most in groups in EVE as PVP.

The most popular class of the game? Discover the BARD

One of the two available specializations of the MAGE class is a must-have in all groups and in all situations. This is the class that will bring a lot of use to the group through significant improvements in EVE and PVP.

If you are afraid of not being caught in dungeons and raids, it’s the class to choose from, you will always be welcome to a group.

In EVE: Support classes like the BARD that bring many improvements are very sought after in EVE to allow you to cross the dungeons and raids in peace. It is also one of the few classes of the game to be able to carry care to its group. All others have ways to protect themselves or dodge attacks, but for the majority of time, you will have to use your potions to go up your health bar.

Be careful however, in Lost Ark, a support is not there only to turn around the boss and protect its allies. Even the supports must bring DPS on pain of being a weight for his team.

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In PVP: The BARD brings a lot of shields and reduced PVP damage as well as a significant offensive synergy via its skills. It can also provide armor to avoid taking crowd checks. It’s a very good class to make your PVP debut in Lost Ark while learning skills that can help your teammates like the abilities of your enemies.

Improvements and Shields above all, Paladin

The paladin is one of two support classes of the game that can bring good, offensive and defensive improvements. His resistance is much greater than that of the Bard but do not expect Tanker so far, it’s not your role. The paladin with almost zero mobility, you will need to master the father’s boss and capabilities of your enemies to survive effectively.

In EVE: Your usefulness as a support is very sought after thanks to your powerful shields and group enhancements. The paladin is also one of the rare classes that can provide moderate care to his team.

The damage to the paladin are not negligible but little high, especially in endgame. Do not expect to be recruited in a group as a Paladin DPS.

PVP: Very useful in PVP, the paladin applies large shields and good damage reductions received to your allies. Your personal resistance and your shields will make you a target to avoid priority.

Having a lower DPS than a class specializing in the damage, the paladin is not left out. Excellent choice If you start the PVP, the paladin remains a very versatile class and can counter many enemy classes.

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The policies, one of the most popular classes in EVE

Do not trust his big armor and big shield, the pistolacier is not a tank like the others. This is probably the most versatile class of the game. In addition to being the most resistant archetype of Lost Ark, the pistolancier brings exceptional support buffs for its group and excellent Rebuff on the bosses, but Also a huge DPs very often underestimated.

Small Fun Fact is the only class of the game that has a dodging backwards. Disturbing at first, it will be necessary to learn to master the rear dodger to perfection.


In EVE : Although its favorite role is to cash in blocking dungeon damage and raids, it can also cause targets and even block certain boss skills. Its utilitarian and tanking skills will make you an ally of choice to prioritize in many groups to welcome you.

In PVP : The pistolancier is an extremely resistant class that can chain the 1V1 (especially bodies) in are without too many problems if you master your class to perfection. Although little mobile is the class with the shortest reload time on its dash (5 seconds).

It is the highest states of the game, the pistolacier is an excellent PVP class for beginner players as confirmed. Do not go by boat by long-range classes, your travel capabilities will help you destroy your opponents effectively.

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Honorable mention: Angulate

We attribute an honorable mention to the Angulate for its PVP power. His attack and travel speed improvements are the most powerful games that make your capabilities difficult to dodge. If you like to play aggressive, it is the class that you need against other players and more especially the bodies. Angulate will have some difficulties against long distances classes though.

To start, it’s also a good class relatively easy to take charge with heavy damage. As far beyond care because in EVE, the DPS of Angulate will have trouble competing with other classes, especially in endgame. Or between, his fragility will make him difficult to master brilliantly.

In summary, what will be the most sought after classes on Lost Ark

The Bard and the Paladin being the main supports of Lost Ark, they are excellent choices to easily find groups as much in EVE as PVP. The pistolancier is the only class of the game that can be considered a tank, making it a preferred choice in EVE and very solid to start the PVP. Finally, the Angulate will be a good choice PVP if you want to bet on damage and speed.

Simple to take in hand but hard to master, these classes will never lose time to find a group to welcome them. However, do not forget that the optimization of a class will always make the difference from a strong but poorly controlled option.

So much for our guide regarding the most wanted classes in EVE and PVP on Lost Ark. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Apatosaurus.