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Nexon, the top expectation Dungeon & Fighter Mobile March 24,

Nexon’s top expectation ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is taking off veil on March 24th.

Nexon opened the use of the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile to open the use of mobile users in the 7th. On this day, the broadcasting of the Neoppy Yoon, Neop, and the three core developers such as manager, and the fact that the core developed, such as Jade Typical Mount, and the number of users were consisting of interviews and 5-party talks to answer the questions that the users are most wondering about the game.

As part of the communication of the development team, the development team will take off the rigid image of the development team and to be able to approach the user more friendly to the user, the development of the game from the launch schedule, the introduction of the game, the introduction of the dungeon and the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Festival To avoid a variety of questions, I answered it without anchor.

The first interview, the unique director of Yoon Myung-jin, “launches the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in Korea on March 24,” he said. I am preparing a game that matches the name of the Dungeon & Fighter, “he said.

Asked asking the most common part of development, Yoon Director, “I made a good game, and I would like to be able to improve the joystick for 30 times for the ‘hand taste’ for a long time,” In the situation, he was hard to optimize the client so that they can not be disconnected without being disconnected. “

Dungeon Fighter Online - Blade「AMV」

In the 5-character torque that contained the formal service, the 100th retention was continued. The advantage of the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’s advantages of Mobile is “the best fun”, and the implementation of the “dot” and the manager, “the integer of the dot”, and the indigenous coach is “intense action”, and I threw the exhibition table.

Meanwhile, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a new game that has been reinterpreting Dungeon & Fighter IP, which builds a huge fandom of 850 million, and maintains a huge fandom of 850 million. Over the past five years, I focused on the development power to implement a manual combat based on a manual combat based on a development motto of ‘Action Pleasure’.