NFL: Questions and answers to the 56th Super Bowl

The most important corporate event of the US is at: The Super Bowl. The Cincinnati Bengals play against the Los Angeles Rams. In a supermodern, sinfully expensive stadium. There are Eminem and Snoop Dogg – the most important questions and answers.

  • What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the final for the championship in the National Football League and is played in a week for the 56th time – officially, the spelling is Super Bowl LVI with the Roman numerals. In the NFL, the total of 32 teams are divided into two divisions, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, short AFC and NFC. Both conferences are represented in Super Bowl by a team – the AFC this season through the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFC through the Los Angeles Rams.

  • When is the Super Bowl?

In the Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, an independent community south of Los Angeles, it is on February 13, 15.30, when the game starts – for German fans, it’s accordingly at 0.30 o’clock in the night from Sunday to Monday.

  • How can I watch the Super Bowl?

How Joe Burrow Led the Bengals to the Superbowl

On television, the final runs at the free transmitter ProSieben. There is also the game online: in the free stream on “ran.de”, at the paid Internet service provider dazn or with the paid Game pasCincinnati Bengals of the NFL. There, the Super Bowl can be seen with the US original comment, Dazn offers this as an option.

  • Why is the Super Bowl important?

American Football is the most popular Cincinnati Bengals of the USA, the Super Bowl looks at about 100 million people on television. No other Cincinnati Bengalsing event in the Cincinnati Bengalss enthusiastic country attracts people so much in the spell like this a football game at the end of an NFL season. For a 30-second commercial, the transmitting TV channel NBC has received media reports this year to get up to seven million US dollars.

  • all speeches from the half-time show – why?

For a long time in Super Bowl was no more than a stage for Marching Bands of Universities – until Michael Jackson in 1993 caused a revolution and the age of half-time highs began, as you know today. Since then it has been an award for the top stars of the music industry, for about 15 minutes on stage in a football stadium. Among other things Madonna, The Rolling Stones and Prince were already responsible for the entertainment, last year was the stage The Weeknd. Now it comes to a tension expected common show of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Bligen and Kendrick Lamar.

  • What do I have to know about the Los Angeles Rams?

The Rams are only the second team in the NFL story, which plays a Super Bowl in their own stadium – one year after the Tampa Buchcaneers’ first were the first and the final. Trainers of the Rams is Sean Mcvay, who has a similar reputation because of his age and skills with just 36 years in football as Julian Nagelsmann in football. When the Rams McVay in 2017 took their head coach, he was 30 years old. Quarterback is Matthew Stafford, who played twelve years before this season at the Detroit Lions and never made it into the playoffs there. Best player of the team is defender Aaron Donald, many experts even call the best football professional of the league. The team was last three years ago in Super Bowl. The saisons in 1995 and 2015 were the Rams in St. Louis at home and in the time brought the only victory in Super Bowl – 22 years ago.

  • What do I have to know about the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Bengals are the surprise of the playoffs. At the end of the past season, the team was the last of his division, the team in the playoffs turned off the Las Vegas Raiders, the Tennessee Titan’s Las Vegas Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Titans and Chiefs were clearly favored. Big share of it has quarterback Joe Burrov. The 25-year-old plays his second year in the NFL. In November 2020, a cruciate ligament tear ended his season prematurely. Already at the college for the Louisiana State University, Burrov played with pasCincinnati Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase and the connection of the two is great for the Bengals. The organization from Ohio has never won a Super Bowl. The two previous finals were lost in 1982 and 1989 against the San Francisco 49er.

  • Why is the Sofi Stadium especially?

Five billion euros. So much money has cost the state-of-the-art stadium in Ingelwood according to estimates. It is thus the most expensive stadium in the world. In addition to the futuristic roof construction, which extends over the entire terrain and makes the stadium into a mixture of hall and arena, the 6500 square meter huge video wall impresses, which is in length and width larger than the field, hangs under the roof and of to be recorded on both sides. The stadium holds around 70,000 spectators.

  • Tom Brady also plays with?

The most successful quarterback in the history of NFL has excreted with the Tampa Buch Buccaneers in the playoffs against the Rams – and has ended his career last week. The 44-year-old playmaker won the Super Bowl seven times in his outstanding career – nobody else comes to more than five of the rings that exist for a victory there. Because no active player in the league has more than a super-bowl victory, this brady record will hold for a very long time, although he has participated in a Super Bowl for the last time with the Buccaneers a year ago.