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Dying Light 2: Peacekeeper or survivors

Anyone who has seen a zombie film or a series like The Walking Dead knows that not necessarily the changing undead are the biggest problem when the world goes in front of the dogs. Rather, it is the people who make the whole situation significantly worse in their despair, selfishness or false justice.

Such interpersonal conflicts are also experiencing the inhabitants of Villedors in Techlands Dying Light 2: Stay Human, where three factions want to bring the city under their control. You decide who in the end winning the upper hand.

Police State or Hippie Municipality?

On the one hand are the survivors **. As the name suggests, it includes the people who are fighting for survival daily. In parts you have built up on the rooftops of the city a new home.

They appreciate their freedom and sometimes remember a kind of hippie community with their views. Others do not take precisely with the morality in perfect freedom. A double-edged sword, where Aiden in the end like sitting between the chairs.

On the other hand try the Peacekeeper for peace and order in the streets Villedors. They put on a good education and a clear command chain to counteract the zombieapocalypse with military efficiency. They have made their mission to protect the survivors of Villedor, in case of doubt also in front of themselves. They do not fright away violence to enforce their laws. It repeatedly blur the boundaries between protective power and tyranny.

The third fraction are the renegal . They are not really a contiguous grouping. Much more are all underneath, which do not take so closely with the few laws or moral compromises in Villedor. Banditen bands understanding the apocalypse as their own anarchist playground. No one here will help you find your sister. Much more will do everything you put stones in the way.

Story or Gameplay? Why not both?

Whether you are now connecting the survivors or Peacekeigner is completely left to you. In numerous story decisions and in the distribution of the city, the two fractions compete with each other.

Interestingly, these two parts are completely separated in Dying Light 2. This means that, for example, you support the survivors in the story, but the entire city can take for the Peacekeeper. Or just vice versa.

So you can experience exactly the story that best suits your moral decisions, but support the party in the street fight that offers you the ideal gameplay benefits for your game style. And these benefits have it in them!

Between cable slides and automobones

If you take a power plant or a water tower, then you may decide which of the two fractions from there from control over the building and surrounding area. For each district, you will receive additional benefits that are active in all zones held by this party.

Although you can decide each time, we recommend to give everything a party . Otherwise, the rewards are too severely distributed and due to the linear activation remain denies the really powerful tools.

The survivors support you at the parkour, so you can move much easier in the city.

The Peacekeeper, however, distribute everywhere, so that you can easily reach the zombies on the ground.


With each new district, the following is free:

  1. Additional rope slides .
  2. Airbags , who spur in the air.
  3. Landing bags , with which you can rush safely from buildings.
  4. Do you die in a fall, help you survivor back to the legs.
  5. With ventilation openings open more air shots in the world with which you can stay longer with the parachute in the air.
  6. Thanks improved airbags , throw the jump pillows even higher in the air.
  7. Last recently, two-way cable slides also allow the ropes to come back.

Dying Light 2 ???? Survivors Are Better Than Peacekeepers - Change My Mind


Conquered areas give you the following advantages:

  1. Distribute the Peacekeepers Autobombs in the city.
  2. Stand in some places PK razor cannons .
  3. Close passages are secured with electric traps .
  4. With the armbow package you will receive the most powerful ranged weapon of the game.
  5. You can use the knife thread MolotoVlanterns Enable opponents nearby.
  6. The pendulum traps pick up whole zombiehords.
  7. Thanks UV-fall you not only grill opponents, but also fills your immunity.

The agony of choice? We recommend this group

Which side supports you during the story, that’s all about you. As far as the building activities is concerned, we have clarified with us after dozens of hours a crystall-clear winner: The survivors! This is how colleague Dennis writes in his detailed test to Dying Light 2: While the parkour upgrades are super highly helpful, we have incredibly more fun on the fleet movement by the city, the Peacekeeper upgrades are mostly completely useless and demand a high degree of initiative, so that they even cause something. So the car bomb placed in front of a building entrance kills enemies in the area, at the same time at the same time at the same time at the same time. For us there is therefore a clear favorite among the factions. But for whom are you deciding? Do you want to flit more opportunities over the roofs or tackle the fight with the undead on the streets?