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Amazons free Gaming games are revealed for February

Each month, Prime Gaming de Amazon offers a series of free video games and other booties and gifts. Now that January is coming to an end, Prime Gaming has officially revealed the list of gifts that will be available from February 1. More specifically, free February videogames through Amazon Prime Gaming include Stellaris, Ashwalkers: A survival trip, as far as he looks at the sight, double-kick heroes, _ and _Glazo! soccer League.

There are several warnings in the Prime Gaming offer, as is typical in this kind of thing. Mainly, these are only available for Amazon Prime subscribers. Prime Gaming is just Amazon Prime’s arm associated with games, as its name indicates it. In addition, they are only available to claim for a limited time and even then only for PC and, sometimes, on specific digital distribution platforms.

This is how Prime Gaming de Amazon describes the titles available in February:

  • Stellaris – Explore a galaxy full of wonders while players interact with different alien races, discovers new strange worlds with unexpected events and expand the scope of the empire through unlimited possibilities in this great science fiction strategy game.
  • _Ashwalkers: A survival trip – Embark on a survival trip through a hard world without rules or judgments while players manage a group, food and equipment, and face moral dilemmas of a narrative survival simulator Linear with 34 possible finals.

  • Than away as the eye – build a mobile village and travel with a tribe to the center of the world in this rogueike turns resource management game full of procedural situations, natural events, skill trees and difficult decisions.
  • Heroes dual kick – survive on the road to hell massacring lots of zombies over 24 levels of pure madness.
  • _Golazo! Futbol League – Have fun to Rauds with this dynamic arcade football game equipped with medium-sized fields, without faults, nor governed playing.

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As indicated above, Stellaris, Ashwalkers: a survival trip, as far as it reaches the view, double-kick heroes, _ and _golazo! Futbol League, will be available through Prime Gaming as of February 1. That adds to several booties in the game for titles as _league of legends and the like. You can check all our previous Prime Gaming coverage from Amazon here.

What do you think of the last shoot of free videogames for Amazon Subscribers Prime? Any of the Prime Gaming offers greatly excite you? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!