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Bungie will Destiny authorssist in the development of future games Destiny authors PlayStation service

Sony Buys Bungie, Destiny 2 and Future IPs for 3.6 Billion - Games to remain Multi-platform
The purchDestiny authorse agreement between bungie and PlayStation for 3,600 million dollars will not only serve for the present and the future of the North American team to have greater possibilities, but also so that some of the projects underway Sony You can benefit from the knowledge and skills of one of the largest talents of the industry, such Destiny authors the Destiny authors.

Jim Ryan , CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, hDestiny authors confirmed in the ODE corporate official statement on this news that Bungie will support the development of future projects bDestiny authorsed on the game Destiny authors a service. Sony had been time wanting to undertake a title of that caliber, a game Destiny authors a service (GaDestiny authors, for its acronym in English); Now they will be at their side a team that will remain independent, multiplatform and with self-publishing capacity. Not in vain, the feedback ** will be a constant.

Bungie and PlayStation will help each other: Thinking about the future

“The successful Bungie trajectory in the multiplatform publication and in games Destiny authors a service will help us to realize our ambitions to take PlayStation beyond the consoles and increDestiny authorse our potential audience,” they comment. In fact, Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie, hDestiny authors recognized in games Industry to explore the transmedia phenomenon (TV, cinema…) with its intellectual properties soon.

In addition to being able to publish their games on other platforms and be independent, “They will enjoy creative freedom,” Ryan promises. “His career in the development of franchises of mDestiny authorss success in the genre of science fiction shooters will be highly complementary to the IP portfolio of Sie ,” Ryan clarifies. Help each other, in summary accounts, so that future launches of PlayStation Studios have one of the greatest imaginable backups in the FPS universe, where Bungie is undoubtedly one of the great references of the sector.

Currently, Bungie works in the publication of the new expansion of Destiny 2, Queen Witch, which comes this February 25, 2022 to all platforms. Beyond that, they have a new intellectual property underway.