SC Freiburg: Petersens gates, prank via SiQs debut, Uphoffs next Patzer

For the six talents carried by the U 23 to the professionals in the summer, the second Freiburg team was planned from the beginning as second homeland because the many games in the 3rd league facilitate attractive and important competition practice, if it for Bundesliga playing time Not or rarely enough.

So Noah Atubolu, Kimberly Ezekwem, Kiliann Sildillia and Noah White Haupt in the week as often as in the third-league team, Ezekwem only at 4: 2 on Tuesday against Turkish cu, the three others at 1: 1 on Friday in Würzburg, where Keeper Atubolu could distinguish itself. Offensive Power White At the beginning of the year as a Bundesliga Joker had to pay at the 1: 5 in Dortmund apprenticeship, left with a double pack against Turkkücü cu. While Nishan Burkart missed both games, the Sextet has so far established itself only Kevin’s pity in the professional team.

Schmid missed opportunity for self-promotion

The U-21 international trumped most recently with gates at 4: 1 pokal success over Hoffenheim and 2-0 against Stuttgart – and lacked how some colleagues on Thursday at the test of the professionals against Sandhausen (2: 2). Likewise not: Lukas Kübler, which cursed his thigh curing, Nico Schlotterbeck, Vincenzo Grifo, Woo-Yeong Jeong, Janik Haberer and Jonathan Schmid. Load control and recovery pause it was called by SC side for all to justification.

Featly especially for Schmid, who is still waiting for his professional comeback after his long coronary pause in the first round and a third-league commitment at the end of 2021. Two days after he was missing in the cupcatcher in Sinsheim, Christian Streich said, “Johnny trained well, then the hip boss made up. But you can bring him again, 60, 65 minutes or as a substitute. He is totally healthy, weight and Power are good. ” One day after this statement, Schmid sat in the league against Stuttgart as before in Dortmund and against Bielefeld on the bench to miss again for five days later against Sandhausen.

Prank about SIQUET: “Now it’s about strength against the ball and combat behavior”

Winter access Hugo SIQUET celebrated its premiere in the SC jersey against the second division and was allowed to unwind 90 minutes in the absence of Schmid and the currently set Kübler rear. “Very committed, he’s always on the way, footballery good, now it’s about strength against the ball and duel behavior that he learns to improve all that. But it has been okay,” commented prank the debut of the Belgian Some scenes still expectible voting problems with colleagues showed as well as a few slight playback errors produced.

From two scenes in the attack, however, could be counted countable. Shortly before the break, Nils Petersen missed a good SIQUET flank just scarce, after just under an hour of the 19-year-old newbie did not approach a sharp crossing of Roland Sallai. With more consequence in walking through, SIQUET would have been able to mark his first goal.

For both hits, Petersen cared for his head, which once again proved his continued existing, great graduation quality. The success experiences will boost the SC record gate, for which the season is personally unsatisfactory, increase. Otherwise, the last two times ago only Roland Sallai came twice with a present appearance in my own thing, suggested in the absence of Grifo dangerous standards, after one of his free kicks, Petersen hit 1: 1.

Uphoffs Next Patzer – so he does not increase the confidence of the teammates

3. Liga: Wilde Schlussphase - Freiburg II siegt bei Petersen-Comeback | SWR Sport

For example, while the power carriers Philipp Lienhart and Lucas Höler confirmed their current good form, Benjamin Uphoff undertook the next Patzer. In the absence of Stammkeeper Mark Flekken (COVID-19), the replacement goalkeeper against Bielefeld (2: 2) had both contributors significantly to all and left no safe impression at the 1: 5 in Dortmund. Especially after returns he often reveals problems with timing and decision-making in the face of inherent opponents.

While the Block of Donyell was painted in the game in Dortmund without consequences for Uphoff, the worst case passed him this time. After a return pass from Manuel Gulde, Uphoff SVS-Offenschmann Bashkim Ajdini, from which the ball bounced directly into the gate – 0: 1. Such actions make it difficult to make it difficult for good training achievements, which has been offered for good training achievements, self-cledding, to increase the trust of his teammates in the competition anyway.