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Supercat (Representative Kim Young) announced on the 10th that the Global version was introduced to the P2E game, progressing the block chain in the “Grand Prize of Grand Prize” on a “Grand Prize of Grand Prix”.

‘Graduan’s mansion’ was released in the last 2020 and has recorded 2 million global accumulation downloads. This update is expected to combine the P2E elements in the Global version of the ‘Grandie’ s Global Version, and the “Grand Prize of Grand Prize”, and the UI improvement of the UI improvement, and the pleasure and convenience of users will further improve.

Super Cat introduced the ‘Super Soul Token (SST)’ to the global version through this update, and for this purpose, the Polygon chain-based super-soulotake was issued.

Global users can exchange goods acquired from the game to a token in the game in the game, and this token can be changed to a coin that can be traded through a schedule procedure.

You will also receive the “Grannydao token” when using the exchange office. This is used to freely remove and vote game operational agenda in Granny Dao (Talmiston Autonomous Organization). Through this, we plan to serve as a game to make ‘Grande’s mansions’ with the user.

It is also characterized by the introduction of a ‘premium service’ capable of obtaining additional compensation by granting a graded compensation according to the ‘red Soul’ goods ‘red Soul’ consumption. Using goods in the game Using the Economic Ecessary Way through the real-sense, it will be helpful to preserve the value of goods as well as the value of goods.

Also, a new PVE mode ‘enemy’ introduced the logicic element was also introduced. The ‘Great Emission’ mode will be added every month to a new chapter. Through this, it is a plan to promote the spirit of the user’s challenge and develop into the main mode of ‘Grand Prize’.

In the future, it will admit NFT to items, goods, characters, etc., and will be accepted to recognize the ownership of users, and update them to be able to replace users and continue to be fun to grow and foster

In addition, compensation is expected to enjoy a clearer new ranking system, improvement of the clan system, enhancing content in the square, and the development of new characters, and the development of new teeth.

Supercat Kim Young, “is a goal of being born in a P2E game that prioritizes the essence of a game that is not a simple block body,” “This update said,” This update is a first step of practicing a roadmap designed for the upcoming Web 3.0 era I will try to be a developer who leads the era. “