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World of Warcraft: Players build the tomb of the Sargeras in Minecraft

World of Warcrafts Tomb Of Sargeras build in Minecraft - HD Cinematic + Download by Eternal Dawn
The world of World of Warcraft houses some spectacular looking places. Of course, this also the numerous raids of the successful MMORPG of Blizzard. A raid, which has especially done the Youtubern Eternal Dawn, is the tomb of Sargeras from the extension World of Warcraft: Legion.

Minecraft version of a World of Warcraft raid gets Cinematic

Eternal Dawn already shared a first version of her Minecraft Grab . The group visibly put a lot of work in their project, and the entire Legion raid can be examined in all its splendor.

Recently, Emerald Dream released a revised cinematic to her minecraft build, which gives a better view of the grandiose building. Even the classic “portal” of every raid have the minecraft players as good as it goes. There is only the question of whether gul’dan can be found somewhere here.

If you want to watch the building close up close, you can easily download the associated Minecraft world via the link from the video description. Incidentally, Emerald Dawn shared her new video in the “Minecraftbuilds” -subreddit. From the comments of their contribution indicates that they have already tried at the raid “The Night Fortress”, but unfortunately not the right colors to do so. Maybe a future minecraft update will deliver these.

If you want to get through the passion of the group for the MMO again World of Warcraft (Buy Now), is currently the perfect time to get back. The developer studio Blizzard Entertainment announced a few days ago that the new patch 9.2 “end of eternity” will be published on 23 February 2022. Here, among other things, the new Zereth Mortis area await you, and the new RAID “mausoleum of the first”.

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