Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS and Wii Us Nintendo E-shop virtual termination. Content purchase is not possible in March next year

Nintendo announced on February 16 to end the Nintendo 3DS series and Wii U’s Nintendo E shop. The addition of balances can not be done from August 30, 2022, and purchases such as games and additional content are disabled in late March 2002.

Nintendo offers a Nintendo e-shop as an online store in console for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. I was able to purchase a game or buy additional content through them. That store is about to be closed now.

The addition of balances in the same store ends with August 30, but it can be added by combining the balance in cooperation with the Nintendo account. In addition to unused balances, it can be used for minintendo store and Nintendo Switch’s Nintendo E shop by linking and organizing a Nintendo account. In January January, the addition of the balance with a credit card was finished, but it was a cloth stone of this announcement.

With the late March 2023, purchase of content in the same store will be impossible. All items that can be purchased from within the game are targeted. However, for download software and additional content purchased, re-download can be made. However, the service of re-download is also planning to end in the future.
【UPDATE 2022/2/16 10:53】

Nintendo SHUTTING DOWN Wii U and 3DS E-Shop Forever!
Correct the end time of the store purchase service

Another specific title is also illustrated by completing content purchases at Nintendo 3DS’s Nintendo E-Shop. For example, for “Fire Emblem IF”, the game will be promoted on the way, selecting one of the night kingdom or dark night rattan kingdom, and accessing the Nintendo E-shop, it was a format to download the content. It is said that the scenario selection can not be made by disabling the content purchase at the Nintendo e-shop. By the end of March 2023, Nintendo calls for the scenario selection. Also, it is also a note of this as it will be terminated for the perspective kingdom scenario.

At Nintendo official site, supplementary information and the like are also described in Q & A format. It would be nice to look at the site.