“The metaverse entrance ceremony is the first” … Sogang University, Metabus Talented

“Interesting. It is the first time I am entrained from the meta bus. “

16th, Seoul, Mapo-gu, Sogang University Gabriel-gu Studio. Everyone here was wearing a meta’s virtual reality (VR) Headset Oculus quest. To attend the entrance ceremony held in the meta bus. The real world and the metabus have been coexisted.

The Sogang University held a full-fledged mist for the Metropolitan Metropolitan Appeals, the Metropolitan Metropolitan Entrance (S-META) of the Metropolitan Purpose of Metropolitan Puppet, The entrance ceremony was held at the same time in the studio and meta’s metabus platform ‘Horizon’ on the Sogang University Gabriel.

The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together -- Connect 2021

In this day, Myeong-hyeok, Hwang, Hwang-ri, Hyundai, Sogang University, Kim Kyung-kuk, Kim Kyung-kwon, Kim Kyung-kwon, Kim Jae-kwon, Kim Jae-kwon, KTC, Park Chang-suk, Kiwi Soft, The Ministry of Vice President of the Propagation Promotion Association, Choi Baek Jun Tilon representative, Yoon Nam-yong, the Top of the Enpius, the Hwang Hae-Taek Danan Pin Tech representative, and the representative.

“As the Internet has led to our lives and economies in the past 30 years, the Internet is a Metropolitan Government,” said the Internet is a fast growing in the future. ” Leadership and member capabilities, Followers to maximize voluntary participation and contribution will soon decide to survive the company. “

The Heart said, “I am convinced that the top process is to be a precious time to promote the follower, and follow the follower,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said.

“The meta bus will be a new opportunity for a new opportunity,” said the Metropolitan Government, said,

Hyundai Park said, “The judgment of the leader on the direction will determine the company’s survival,” and “Based on the top, based on the highest process (metabus industry officials), It would not be able to save support such as networking. “

Sogang University Metabus College S-Meta is operated by the ‘Nano-Degree’ process that some credits are recognized by some credits. On this day, as the ‘Future Future Future of the Metabus Industry’ in the Director, the business and technology, the entertainment, and the field of entertainment are held for 15 weeks by May.

Before Jung Yu-hyun, the Korean Venture Investment Representative, Park Soo-yong participated in the Professor, and the ‘Alternative Big (NFT) Virtual Economy’, ‘Understanding and Application of NFT (Understanding and Application of NFT). Lee Jung Won Rinse Studio representative is scheduled to be on the pulpit as the subject of the “Actual” metabus plan.