Sensor Tower, the fastest growing Publisher Cacao Games

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[INTERNATIONAL MOE Global Mobile Data Analysts] The sensor tower has been announced on the 18th that Cacao Games (Fastest Growing Game Publisher) was selected as the “Sensor Tower Asia Pacific Awards 2021”.

The sensor tower is “Cacao Games”, “Cacao Games,” Cacao Games, “Odin: Fast Growing Game Publisher” in Korea, “said,” Odin, who caused the blast, ” The M Series continued for a number of domestic sales game ranking for many years, and this has increased by 260 percent of Cacao Games, “said Cacao Games’ Mobile Revenue increased more than 260 percent compared to last year.”

“I also appreciated the new standards of RPG (RPG (Role Performance Games), and Cacao Games, which give the Asia Pacific region and inspiration in the world’s game studios, is also a remarkable publisher.

Meanwhile, the “Sensor Tower Awards” held this year’s first “sensor tower Awards” selected apps and publishers that have shown a remarkable indicator around the world based on the data on the sensor tower platform.