How to execute Three Realms Gateway: Part III Event Quest in Genshin Impact

The proposal of the “Gate of Three Worlds” is a 40-day event that begins with from February 17, 2022 to March 30, 2022 . The action takes place in the Encanomy, the region, hidden under the island of Vatatsumi. The main line of tasks of the event, Afiotic diffuse , includes the elimination of darkness from three islets in this region. After completing the “Proposal of the Gate of the Three Worlds: Part I” and “Site of the Gate of the Three Worlds: Part II” You can start playing part III.

Before continuing, make sure your Baycock Box is not lower than 11 levels . You can fulfill the quest without performing this condition, but you will not be able to unlock any of the waypoints of the teleport in the area and may not be able to withstand the intensity of corrosion.

Go to the location of the quest

Unlike the first two parts, there are no Phase gates of Encanomy, which will lead you to the serpentine heart. There are two ways to get there:

  • Take advantage of the bridge connecting the dinithi of Mikoshi with the nearest island and then with a snake heart.
  • Climb on a high column in Diniti Mikoshi and descend to the snake heart.

As soon as you get there, you will be able to unlock the nearest travel point of the teleport (it takes a box of the 11th level box) for five trummy legumes and Afoothiye ores . Then follow the quest Marker to the Ghost Fish School, located in the crater near the travel point of the teleport. They will lead you to the island in the south: Lokus Koothot .

Puzzle with a rotating mechanism

Once at the Locus Koothot, at the entrance you will be met another sealed tower of teleport. You can unlock it (required Bokuso Box level 11) with five trummy legumes and Afoothiye ores . It is recommended to follow the electro goodbye next to the waypoint – it will lead you to the tower.

On the way you need to fight Two Guards Ruins , Guard ruins And also Two ghostly husks Collect gems of husks for a puzzle.

As in the previous quests, feed the three mechanisms 12 Bobov Tokoo , 12 Afooth ores as well as 10 Hells of husk . Nearby there is an inverted stone plate, to which you can refer to find out the order of characters, or look at the image above to find out what kind of characters you need to strive:

  • first mechanism : Turn four times or until the characters match
  • Second mechanism : Rotate once or until the characters match
  • Third mechanism : Rotate once or until the characters do not match

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As soon as it is done, the cat-scene will start, and you will again be asked to climb the tower. Climb on it and Activate Baoco Box next to the monument to complete this additional quest. Then you will receive the last part of the quest chain, The offer Three Realms Gateway: Consequences .

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