WWE 2K22 reveals new details in the trailer of My GM Mode

Today, 2K opened the curtain of a very anticipated function that will reach the WWE 2K series in 2K22. That feature is, of course, my GM mode, and in the new RINGSIDE REPORT, we take a look at some of the characteristics of the mode, including the general managers among which you can choose. These are Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon or a personalized GM. Each of them has a Power Card that gives you new skills, which can affect morality or increase skills. Then there is the draft, and it is important to pay attention to your classes to create a balanced list, although you will also have to pay attention to cost, popularity and other statistics.

The game will give you indicators about who makes a good combination as for the list, but you can assemble a draft that is completely yours, and that draft can include players created.

The cost will play an important role in how you shrin down your list, since each player starts with a budget of $ 2,750,000. Now, that money is not really just for the draft, but to execute your brand (RAW or SMACKDOWN), so if you spend everything in the draft, you will have more difficulties at the beginning of the creation of programs, since the money It’s the way it does. Sign free agents, contract talents of improvement, firm legends and more.

You also have to take into account the logistics of the show, which allows you to update your show to play in front of larger stadiums, and then there are other things you can spend, such as highway staff, lights and effects, advertisements and plus. You can also buy Power Cards, such as a Health Spa, which allows you to rest a fighter a little and put it at full speed. There are also commissioner objectives, so Triple H could appear with a special request and, if he meets it, he can get great rewards.

It can simulate a show or play the parties as well as being a spectator, and that mode is exclusive of My GM. You can also put your GM in action, and then, after the game, you get a summary screen that shows you the qualification of it and what your parties generated in terms of money, ratings and more.

You will build your show by offering solid payments for vision in the previous period to WrestleMania, but there is another element to play the year. You will be interacting with your superstars and triple H, and you will receive requests from them at all times that may affect morals depending on the decisions you take.

WWE 2K22 MyGM Trailer

We are definitely excited to see what WWE 2K22 My GM mode has to offer, and we are anxious to try it for ourselves.

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