Horizon Forbidden West: Release has been postponed to avoid “crunch”

Originally, the Action Adventure Horizon Forbidden West (from 62.99 € at Buy) should be released last year. However, Sony and the Developer Studio Guerrilla Games had decided to move the release to the year 2022 at that time. But why? In addition, the responsible Game Director Mathijs de Jong was recently commented.

As the Dutcher has revealed in an interview with the magazine NU, the team was able to prevent Horizon’s release shift from: Zero Dawn, among other things, a hard crunch time from which the team had had to push numerous overtime: _ “That happens at We are very rare. We are very well aware of the disadvantages of Crunch. Therefore, this plays an important role in our planning. In order to give an example: at Christmas we said that nobody has to work on a two-week holiday. The company was closed so no one could have come to come to work. Some people want to continue working, they do not want a Christmas holiday – that’s allowed. We will not stop that. But from the point of view of the company we have spent a clear message. (…) Forbidden West could have appeared at the end of last year, but then we had to do overtime. However, people must have the possibility of ha Ben, relax and take a vacation. “_

Horizon Forbidden West was Delayed to Avoid Crunch - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.18.22
Ultimately, Guerrilla Games had decided to postpone the release of Horizon Forbidden West for the benefit of employees to the year 2022. That should certainly have not hurt the game.

Horizon Forbidden West was published on 18 February 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The test on Forbidden West you can read here.

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