Comfort V22, Game Play Image First Disclosure

The Combiatra V22 adds a 20-year baseball game development know-how, adding casual sexuality aimed at the MZ generation to the fun of the MZ generation in the fun of the regular baseball game. It is scheduled to introduce a vertical UI (user interface) that can be operated with one hand and create a game environment with a speed-sensitive game environment to present a differentiated fun.

Com2us has opened the teaser page to open the release expectations of the compute V22 and released the game image. This video contains a variety of plays based on the evolutionary graphics and technology of the compute V22. Especially, it has implemented a detailed production such as a pre-owned pitching foam and hitting foam, athlete close-up, and cheering, and athlete,

It was also out of the vibrancy of players in the game. In the first mobile baseball game, the first 3D head scan was introduced in V22, the face of the players such as skin, expression, and gaze was reproduced. Com2us has made a KBO player to create a more real baseball game and conducted a formal contract with a formal contract with a 3d head scan of 379 players.

In addition, in addition to a light-shining strike, the actual baseball game was used to the game to the game,

This game play image can be confirmed by the compute V22 teaser page. Com2us adds a variety of content to future brand pages for users waiting for game news.

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On the other hand, ‘Comfort V22’ is ahead of the release of the professional baseball this year. The final test is underway for the completeness of the completeness, and the specific information on the game, such as the main content and the launch schedule, is planned to disclose sequentially.