Valve is open to collaborate with Microsoft to bring Game Pass to Steam Deck

Valve is willing to collaborate with Microsoft to bring Game Pass to the new Steam Deck.

Xbox Game Pass Could Soon Come to Steam Deck & Steam on PC

In an interview given to PC Gamer, Gabe Newell was asked about the possibility of creating a subscription service as the Microsoft Game Pass in Steam Deck, and his response was that “I do not think it’s something we think about doing us, create Now a subscription service “.

However, he also added that “for Microsoft consumers is clearly a popular option, and we will be more than happy to work with them to take it to Steam.”

Currently the Microsoft Game Pass service can only be used through an own application on PC, and not through Steam. However, we have seen how the Redmond company has been publishing its First-Party titles on the Valve digital distribution platform, and last week we saw as Bethesda (Microsoft owned) announced the closure of its own launcher to migrate all the Content to Steam.

This weekend we published an interview with Gabe Newell in which it offers more details about the future of Steam Deck, and this morning you have also been able to read our machine analysis, in which we explain that “from the point of view of the hardware This laptop really exceeds all the expectations we had in it “, despite the fact that” there are still things to improve at the software level “.