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Fortnite: Update 19.40 with new features

For Fortnite, the update 19.40 is available for download. The new patch follows on a downtime: The server of the Battle-Royale shooter were temporarily offline this morning. Meanwhile, the developers have published the patch Notes \ – and thus details of the changes and innovations. This time “Spider-Man & Action” is waiting as a wild week on you. Between the 1st of March at 15:00 and March 8 at 14:59 o’clock your Spider-Mans mains shooter on the island can also find in chests . In addition, the jump fields are brought out of the vault that catapults in air. You will assure additional experience points if you conclude the orders of the current wild week.

New at the language chat

With the Fortnite Update 19.40 also the language chat in highly stacker mode is expanded. Here is now a close-language chat used, which allows you to hear only player, which are in the immediate vicinity of your character. “As before, the language chat is separated between already eliminated and living players. Agents and highly stackers share a language chat. Eliminated players can no longer communicate with the living players, but they can still hear them and so Trace the entire drama “, share the developers.

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EPIC Games releases the Fortnite Update 19.30 for download. The new patch is available after a downtime.

New feature for the repetitions

In your repetitions you can now adjust the daytime when playing a repeat. However, this only applies to repetitions from Battle Royale and the creative mode islands in which the daytime did not be determined by the Creator of the Island. The Fortnite is rounded off (Buy Now 17.99 €) Update 19.40 from individual bugfixes. So a bug was fixed in which outfits in the lobby sometimes had a light blue “hologram” effect. In addition, it should no longer happen that locations on the map are spent independently of the language set in English.

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01.03.2022 at 13:04