NVIDIA Hacker “Circuit included 1TB data”

The American Graphic Chip (GPU) Design Maker NVIDIA has received cyber attacks, and South American-based hacking group Lapsus (LAPSUS $) has been called the subject of this attack. The lapuses are claimed that the NVIDIA server has deodorized the data of a terabyte (TB) containing critical information such as drivers, schemes, and firmware.

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The Labsas said on the 28th (Local Time) Telegram, which claimed that they are the NVIDIA hacking subject.

On the 25th, NVIDIA is “investigating accidents” and “business and sales activities will continue without interruption,” and confirmed the fact that they have received the recent cyber attacks.

According to this report, WrapRes had a “approach to the NVIDIA system for about 1 weeks to the NVIDIA system for approximately one week, and put the 1TB data containing the most important things such as drivers, circuits, and firmware.” He claimed.

They also secured everything, including documents, private tools, and software development kits (SDKs) associated with Falcon, “he said,” he said, “he said. Falcon plays a variety of roles from video decoding to microcontrollers to all NVIDIA GPUs, from video decoding to memory copying and security.

If LapSswield’s claim is true, the damage caused by NVIDIA appears to be severe than expected.

The released telegram is waiting for LapSs to contact NVIDIA, and it also includes the threat of being able to act if there is no contact with NVIDIA.

Wrapriszed began acting to provoke NVIDIA. He revealed a hash value (encrypted string) that claims that all NVIDIA employees login creative (ID / password) information. It is an act to confirm that the claims that they were realizing data from the NVIDIA system.

Lapris also claimed that they sell bypasses that allow them to bypass the LHR function of NVIDIA.

LHR dropped the efficiency of encryption mining, and NVIDIA applied this function to most of the GeForce RTX30 series graphics cards to prevent graphics cards on encryption mining.

Video Cards said, “This is a claim that LapSswield (through this hack) has found the LHR algorithm implemented in the RTX30 series last year.”