Xcom: Chimera Squad “Makes more sense” as a spin off than as a direct sequel

FireForce wants the game to make new things as well as veterans.

2K Games and Firaxis have announced a new one XCOM game from nothing yesterday, only a few days left, and it is not typical xcom title. Although xcom: Chimera Squad still uses the same round-based tactical struggle, there are many new mechanics in the game. Permadeath is gone, named characters are in, the trains of the characters are based on initiative and there is a new Breach mode, among other things.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Review

Against this background, the developers decided that it is best to publish the game as an independent spin-off and not as a direct numbered continuation, although the game is set afterwards _xcom 2: War of the chosen, _ chronologically seen.

In conversation with PC Gamer, a company spokesman said that the XCOM: Chimera Squad “as an independent title meaningful” as a full continuation.

“After releasing xcom 2 and the Wieg of the chosen The team believed that there were exciting play opportunities that had to be discovered,” they said. “XCOM: Chimera Squad offers several courageous new changes to the traditional xcom formula… This specific vision for xcom made more sense as a stand-alone title than as a direct continuation. “

In conversation with Gamesbeat, 2K marketing boss Melissa Bell expressed similar opinions and said that the game deliberately reduces his entrance barriers so it makes both serial veterans and newlying fun.

“We know that the fans wanted to dip again into the world of immersion xcom,” Bell said. “Xcom: Chimera Squad offers a huge value and we deliberately reduce the entrance barriers for new fans into the franchise with a game XCOM veterans will really enjoy it. “

Xcom: Chimera Squad is available for the PC on April 24th.

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