Elden Ring: Where to find the church of the vows

While traveling Liurnia in Elden Ring you may encounter some breathtaking sights, be it the spacious blue sounds in the color palette or the wonderful architecture. A place is rather a modest place destroyed over the years and slowly recaptured by nature, but it’s an important place to return, especially if you want to study magic. The church of the vows in particular is at home Miriel, pastor of the vows , essentially a huge speaking bishop’s turtle, and if they give them prayer books, they get powerful magic and incantations. Continue reading for our guide Where can I find the church of the vows in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: Where to find the church of the vows

Elden Ring Where To Find The CHURCH OF VOWS LOCATION

Technically, you can reach the Church of Vows at the beginning of the game by either crossing or skipping Stormleil Castle to drive up the Liurnia Highway and walk from Artist’s Shack to East Lurnia to northwest. The way is pretty easy, and you can quickly ride there with your horse, and if you have prayer books, this is a worthwhile stop to set a bookmark. There is also a place of grace directly outside the destroyed church, and indoors you can talk to Miriel. There is even a place where you can use Atone function What the NPC hostility resets and mad resources. This is a valuable feature if you have a preference to accidentally meet NPCs because you think everyone tries to kill them.

Directly in front of the church of the vows, you have a magnificent view of the Raya Lucaria Academy, the next legacy dungeon outside of Stormveil Castle. Liurnia is not so intrusive in most areas, which concerns its optics, but it has a striking, lively, natural beauty in its landscape, which hides both friendly faces and fatal enemies inside.

This completes our guide Where is the church of the vows in Elden Ring? ! Be sure to look at our other guides and prepare themselves to survive the Lands Between! Elden Ring is now available for PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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