Where to find X-090892 in Lost Ark

X-090892 – One of the most expensive items to create in the “Lost Ark”. It can be found as soon as you get to Torch in Arsenty. This requires only 30 000 silver and a conversation with the Zane’s potions.

where to find x-090892

Jane’s potions in Zane’s pottery is located in the Torich area. It can be found next to the antique store Goebbisen and Tver Thirsty Sprocket. You can buy X-090892 at Jane for 30,000 silver, which is very cool, no matter how high your level.

X 090892 Location in Lost Ark | Arthetine Cooking Locations Guide
Talk to Jane to open her store and buy X-090892 .

Go to your inventory and right-click on X-090892 Use it. Your character commented on the subject, but you will receive an entry in your foliant for adventure.

We recommend waiting until you finish with ARTENTIN, because the dungeon of Dr. Bergstom’s laboratory will be open after the passage of this continent, and you can get a lot of extra silver. Use this dungeon as many times as you need to get enough silver to buy this item.

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