2. Bundesliga: after 0: 2! Darmstadt thanks to irrembly comeback leader

Torspectacles in the 2nd Bundesliga: The SV Darmstadt 98 has made a 0: 2 residue with three goals within six minutes against the 1st FC Heidenheim and first conquered the spreadsheet. Even Holstein Kiel and the SC Paderborn delivered a goaly exchange exchange.

Darmstadt - Heidenheim 3-2 | Goals and Highlights | Bundesliga 2 21/22 Matchday 25
Darmstadt 98 has at least temporarily conquered the table tip after a furious catch-up hunt. The team of coach Torsten Lieberknecht defeated the 1st FC Heidenheim after a 0: 2 residue with 3: 2 (0: 1) and released Werder Bremen. The Bremen can move back on Sunday with a home win against Dynamo Dresden.

Aaron Seydel (77.), Phillip Tietsz (81.) and Tim Skarke (83rd) turned the almost lost encounter for the lilies. It was the first home win since the 20th of November. Christian Kühlwetter (17th) and Robert Leipertz (61.) had taken to Gendenheim. “Madness this morality,” said Lieberknecht at SKY.

Darmstadt began dominant and had the first conclusion through Luca Pfeiffer (14th). Three minutes later, Heidenheim struck ice cold. After a nice combination, cooling weather made a short distance to the tour. The guests were compactly compact and did not allow opportunities in the final phase of the first half. Mathias Honsak failed after a corner of goalkeeper Kevin Müller (45. + 1).

Darmstadt increased after changing the pressure, Heidenheim initially had everything under control and was much more efficient. Leipertz only met a few seconds after his resumption. The also substitute Seydel made it exciting again. Tietz like and crafty hit a rough mistake of Müller. “That’s going on my cap,” said the goalkeeper.

Torspectacle! SC Paderborn enlarges Kieler

Holstein Kiel always slips into the relegation sump. The storks conceded by the 3: 4 (1: 1) – shelter against the SC Paderborn already the third defeat successively and must focus on the hazard z1. The Ostwestfalen, on the other hand, ended their thunders of thumb through their seventh outward success from previously four games without victory and strengthened their place in the upper table half.

Ron Schallenberg (19th) had taken the guests in front of 9174 spectators after the first more serious push in the Kiel Half. Jann-Fiete Arp (23.) However, with his also second goal of the season only shortly thereafter. After the break, Maximilian Thalhammer (54th) as well as Florent Muslija (74th) and Jamilu Collins (76.) for the decision. After the Kiel hits by Alexander Mühling (81., trademeter) and Benedikt Pichler (88th) it was hectic in the final minutes.

Kiel endeavored away from the kick-off to control, but initially had some difficulties with the early attacking Ostwestfalen. After the initial phase, the seats had ultimately reached the encounter and recorded by a post hit by Steven Skrzybski (12th) also the first major chance, but literally came from nothing due to mapping problems in the defensive unexpectedly. Through ARPS rapid compensation, the northern Germans remained the game-determining team until the break, but could earn little more dangerous possibilities as the ex-Bundesliga club.

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In the second section, the hosts answered their renewed residue with a pruning game. However, Kiel’s trainer Marcel Rapp did not succeed in contrast to Paderborn’s first leadership. Accordingly, Kiel becomes more and more active with the running season. Paderborn got a multiple opportunity to counter attacks. Through the double strike at the beginning of the final phase, the team of SCP-Coach Lukas Kwasniok initially sat down, but Kiel had not yet beaten.