Time On Frog Island: The Ship Keep

The British Publisher Merge Games and the Copenhagen Developer Studio half Past Yellow are pleased to announce that the sandbox puzzle adventure time on Frog Island (previously trading time: a croak tale) this summer as a physical version for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One / X | S as well as digitally for all platforms, including PC, via Steam will be available.

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After cooperation with the community and the testers, Merge Games has made the decision to change the name in Time on Frog Island, as they believe that he represents the gaming experience better.

In Time on Frog Island, a sailor for a terrible storm suffers on a foreign island shipwreck and finds his boat in rubble.

With its valuable potted plant in hand, the seal tries to repair his boat and find the way home. However, the strange frog-like locals do not speak his language and do not want to leave the required objects without return!

A spaghetti network of shops leads him over the island while looking for materials to repair his boat. Meet a series of friendly characters, triggers tricky puzzles, finds hidden treasures and much more, while you explore this toad island-sandbox adventure.