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Dont miss it if it is a core gamer! This weeks indie-up to 500 North-South War Shooting, Agriculture, Fisheries, Hunting, etc.

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This week, the CO-OP-enabled belt scroll RPG “ Young Souls “, which travels to the real world and the parallel world “ Young Souls “, Agriculture, Fisheries, Hunting, etc. Farthest Frontier “, 300 real north-south war shooting with up to 500 for development is three of” Battle Cry Of Freedom ** “.

Young Souls

This work is a belt scroll RPG adventure that struggles to save the world’s orphan JENN and TRISTAN. Suddenly, I jump to a dangerous parallel world to look for a porridge that has disappeared, and fight with Goblin Corps.

Beside the real world’s gym and shift the body and shopping, and in Parallel World, this work will progress while going back to the two worlds, such as Gobrin. It also supports cooperative play with two people, and you can experience the two world-woven stories with friends. In addition, the newly released trailer by the ARCADE CREW, the ARCADE CREW, the other day, is introduced with a complete battle system, a growth system, a large number of easy-to-face equipment, and a magnificent boss war.

# Farthest Frontier

This work is a city development simulation that pioneered an unlocked wilderness by CRATE ENTERTAINT, known as a developer of high evaluation Hakusura “Grim Dawn”. Players led unexplored lands led to a pioneer’s one group. We will collect materials, hunting, fishery, and agriculture, and develop from the village to the city.

The lives and work of the villagers are reflected in real time, and you can see the situation such as production, processing, transactions. Sometimes, the threat of wind and rainfall and outfronts may be approached, and it is important to adjust the equipment. In addition, “Peace Mode” is also implemented for players who do not want to combat.


Developer Flying Squilrel Entertainment has started delivery of the North South War Shooter “Battle Cry Of Freedom” after 10 years of announcement. This work is an FPS / TPS game set in the 19th century American Northeast War. Many of the 19th century weapons and clothes appeared, and up to 500 players will fight up to 500 players in the battlefields that were realistically reproduced.

Players have a weapon that you like, such as rifles, cannons, guns and sabers, and perform roles. Music corps that enhance the finger of the sighting unit and cavalry units, various instruments to be a hand of allies are also appeared. In addition, map editor-functions are also included, and object placement and topography can be freely set to play.