Sophogians and egoists: Comment on the crisis at Hertha

Hendrik Duke, the witness, was the first on the training place on Tuesday morning. He deposited shortly ten in the middle circle bodies and balls. As shortly thereafter, co-trainer Ilija Aracic and offensive coach Vedad Ibisevic entered the practice area, Herzog all-clearing said: “The place is not frozen.” At least that. Because otherwise, Hertha BSC in these days is extremely frosty. The flash outlet of sports director Arne Friedrich on Monday evening, the statement sent from the club’s statement sentence of amazing clarity Kraftann, put the cracks openly open in sporting leadership. “For a variety of reasons”, well-known Friedrich, in the past few months with him “The feeling arisen that my influence in important sporting decisions is no longer sufficient to meet my duties as a sports director”. Rumms!

As soon as Fredi Bobic, who was installed in June as a new strong man in a sporting field, and Friedrich, who had come to the first row after the one from Michael Preetz in January 2021 and did not like the task, from the beginning commonality. Now they did not want each other anymore – too, because there were different views in the evaluation of development and some personal details. In the summer would have been for the freedom of freedom, who never gave up his apartment in the US during his Hertha period anyway. Now he goes earlier because he did not feel sufficient. This is consistent – and yet a fatal sign to the outside.

Creative in the crisis

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When Lars Windhorst in mid-February his 374-million-euro investment publicly referred to as a mistake and “Making Holding and Klüngelei” lamented in the club, Bobic countered: “The time was fatal. We do not need this showcase now.” You do not need Windhorst, you do not get – that has shown this week again – the homemade restlessness already. So schematic Hertha football plays, so creative works in parts of the club of the club with the crisis: At the end of November, Bobic installed in Tayfun Korkut a coach, which was previously three years without employment. And now, since most of all with the leave of absence of this recognizable advice, happiness and unsuccessful coach have expected, the sports director throws down the day after a crisis interview, in which the managing director without the coach uttered the mood in the team. The result: Korkut remains, but he should – Bittschön – in the future propagate the football of his predecessor. Standing deeper, become more compact, easier playing and a highly misuse of self-confidence and a we-counter-the-residue-of-the-world mood impression: The current task sounds like tailor made for someone like Pal Dardai, but Bobic Copy in November.

Bobic has overestimated the quality of the staff and underestimated the dynamics of the crisis

That Bobic boasted in the summer of 2021 with Dardai in his first Berlin year, although he had a doubt from the beginning, was one of the homemade mortgages of this committed Hertha season. Bobic has inherited an expensive, bloated, outrageous squad and built a slightly less expensive, less bloated, but just well outgoing squad. He has overestimated the quality of his staff him and underestimated the dynamics of the crisis. But he has – even belonging to the complex truth of blue-white decline – hired under other signs in Berlin. That such a lot was already issued by the investor money and he had to achieve a surplus in his first transfer period in Berlin, Bobic has surprised.

Some in the club possibly thought, the new ones will roll cold once, to remove the dust from the back corners – in truth bobic tears with his mostly from Frankfurt followed after summer the whole house. He wants to rebuild and reassign this club founded in 1892. The approach is not wrong, but without a suitable foundation – stability in the core resort sports – not to realize, certainly not in the pace that bobic strikes. It now holds – first – on the coach, with despite justified conviction, possibly also for lack of alternatives. Other clubs engage in similar situations to the house back U-23 coach, but the means at Hertha Ante Covic – and was in 2019 the first coach of Windhorst era and simply overwhelmed with the Bundesliga.

The team – a hodgepodge of pattern-sons-and egoists

Corkut undermines Covics’s point cut long, he is a coach on time and knows the self. If it goes wrong on Saturday evening in Gladbach, everything is probably past on Sunday for him. But until then he is just as in combat mode as his supervisor Bobic. In training on Tuesday, it broke out of cork. “Fuck me! I want you to win,” he called to the professionals. “That’s your future, that’s not my future.” Bobic demands from the players that they are “mutually verbally hurting and seek the conflict”. That this team – a group of patterns of pattern-in-law and egoists – has too little life and friction, is one of the reasons for the crash. Bobic and corkut have the location for a long time. Now put your finger in the wound. The question is only if you also have a patch.