Best stool in Red Dead Online

The horses come to mind first when considering Red Dead Online, but the horse is nothing without the saddle. The stool increase speed and reduce the emptying rates of nuclei and statistics. The stools of Red Dead Online differ from those of the solo part of the game. There is some overlap, but the best saddle is only in Red Dead Online.

At the base level, the stool are necessary to mount and call your horse. If your horse is not saddled, he can not come from the stables, and you will find yourself in shaping wild west with Screwny Nag. The stools make more than you can ride on horseback. The best stools considerably reduce the drainage of endurance and drainage of the core. The best saddle adds an additional speed of speed.

The stirrups are important. The best stool, for all they do, will not go far without the best stirrups. As soon as you can, buy hooded brackets for all stool. Hooded brackets considerably reduce stamina loss – the effect is pushing with the effects of the saddle.

The reduction of stool endurance and stirrups is essential, but endurance can be recovered by soothing your horse. Every 15 seconds on a fully linked horse, you can press the soothing key to find a part of the endurance bar. If you have hooded brackets and upper level saddle, you will have almost unlimited endurance.

Saddle Nacogdoches

  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 20%
  • Endurance drainage rate: -35%
  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -18%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -20%
  • Price: $ 512

The nacogdoches saddle is the best of Red Dead Online. It unlocks early rank 35. At $ 512, it is one of the most expensive stools of the game. As far as the price is concerned, it falls behind the role stools and the special stools in gold only, and at the rank it unlocks, it costs more than most horses you can buy.

This is the best saddle and it’s worth the investment if you have money. The only saddle that adds three speed and acceleration bars reduces the 35% endurance emptying rate. This statistic is independent of the stirrups and will thrive with added caliper. This is not the only saddle that adds a reduction in the emptying rate, but the only one that can also have the added calipers. Given the speed with which it is unlocked and the fact that it does not cost gold, it makes the best saddle available online.

There are some disadvantages at the nacopdocheted saddle: the basic drain rates are quite low. It is surpassed in terms of regeneration rates and core emptying rates by many other stool. The second is a matter of opinion: the saddle is ugly and the few good color options available to it does not compensate for the terrible pattern and design. Both are worth the extra thumb to endurance.

role saddles

All role stones are worth buying. On average, basic drainage rates are very good and their endurance regeneration remains one of the best. These are also the most expensive stools of the game. They are not the nacopdochery saddle and will not reduce stamina loss, but you will not notice it with the use of hoodies. We use several with hooded stirrups, and endurance is still almost infinite with appeasement.

Statistics of role stool vary depending on the role. The saddle trader is a good multipurpose saddle with solid statistics overall, while the saddle Bounty Hunter gives priority to the regeneration of endurance compared to other statistics, and the saddle collector has the best drainage rates of Base but a low rate of regeneration of endurance. These are all high-level stool, no matter and, according to your preferences, are worth the cost.

Foxmore saddle

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -32%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -22%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 30%
  • Price: $ 570

The Foxmore saddle was introduced with Naturalist update and is only available if you have the Naturalist role. This is the most expensive saddle, even if you pay with gold bullion, it is more expensive than the most expensive special saddle.

This is not a nacopdochery saddle, but it’s worth it. The basic drainage rates are greater than the average and the regeneration rate of endurance is very high. Associated with hooded stirrups, it is a worthy claiming at the saddle nacogdoches. This adds only the two standard speeds to your horse, but it is a beautiful saddle that happens to be very good.

Once the caps are added, the endurance is still almost unlimited with most stool. Although the saddle nacogdoches is the best of Red Dead Online, if endurance is your main concern, you are talking more about stirrups.

IVERS saddle

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -34%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -24%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 24%
  • Price: $ 550

The Ivers saddle belongs to the moonshine role and is only available for moonshiners. The basic drainage rates on the saddle are better than those of the Foxmore saddle, but the rate of regeneration of endurance is average only for higher level stool. It’s expensive at $ 550. This saddle is one of the most beautiful, preferring a scenic design to an unusual pattern.

Saddle Delgado

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -22%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -22%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 32%
  • Price: $ 525

The Delgado saddle is the role of premium hunter and is only available for those who have. This is one of the most beautiful stools of the game with a sober design in black, red and gold. This goes well with darker horses.

Appearance other than basic drainage rates are good and the regeneration rate of endurance is very good. Its price is lower than that of the Foxmore saddle for a slightly higher endurance regeneration rate and the same drainage rate of the health core. As with all stool, the rate of endurance drainage is negligible when associated with hooding brackets.

McKinney saddle

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -34%
  • Basic health drainage rate: -34%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 20%
  • Price: $ 525

The McKinney saddle is the saddle collector and is only available if the players have the role collector. Among the role stones, the McKinney saddle does not offer much in terms of regeneration of endurance. It is only 20%, the same as the saddle nacogdoches. It has the best basic stool drainage rates, saving money on horsepower. He looks great on all horses as it rests on accessories more than color or design.

Saddle Fletcher

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -28%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -28%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 26%
  • Price: $ 525

Like the horse for the role of trader, the saddle is rounded but does not exceed in a particular field. Drainage rates are good, but not ideal, while the rate of regeneration of endurance is also quite high. It’s a good multipurpose saddle. Although it does not have impressive statistics in no field, it does not sacrifice any statistics. It is also a beautiful saddle that does not conflict with a breed or a coat of horse in particular.

Special stools

Special stool is their own section, the best stools in the solo section of the game and quality stools in Red Dead Online. Special stools have a 50% reduction in endurance consumption integrated into the saddle. However, the special stool are preset, can not add calipers and have already equipped them. The 50% reduction is the same as that of hooding stirrups, which makes them equivalent to a comparable saddle with the equipped max calipers.

Although they are only slightly above the average in terms of statistics, they are much more beautiful than most other stool, which is worth it.

Bear Dakota saddle

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -24%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -20%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 22%
  • Price: 16 gold lingots

The Bear Dakota saddle is good if you have gold and you like design. One of the rare to use a fur seat and running on most horses. It’s slightly worse than the Fletcher saddle with respect to statistics, but you will save money by not having to buy stirrups to accompany it.

Castor rope saddle

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -20%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -26%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 24%
  • Price: $ 340

The Beaver Roping saddle has good statistics for the cost, making it one of the cheapest high-level stools available. It does not have the best design of the special stool category, but has a good rate of regeneration for the price. Its emptying rates are comparable to those of more expensive role stools.

Saddle Panther Trail

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* Endurance basic drainage rate: -26%
* Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -20%
* Endurance regeneration rate: + 24%
* Price: 18 Gold ingots

The saddle Panther Trail is the most beautiful and has good statistics. It is always below role stones, but only about 2% for the lowest statistics. If you had to buy one of the role saddles with gold, they would be equal to 21 guest lingots. It is always cheaper for similar quality and a better appearance.

Saddle Vaquero Snake to bell

  • Endurance basic drainage rate: -24%
  • Basic Drainage Rate of Health: -22%
  • Endurance regeneration rate: + 24%
  • Price: 20 Gold ingots

The RattlesNake Vaquero saddle is similar to the Fletcher saddle and has decent statistics. None is too low, but in turn, no excellent. Although it is a matter of opinion, the saddle is beautiful but has no appearance compared to the saddle Panther Trail.

As for all things in Red Dead Online, differences in statistics make little difference. Choose a saddle that you like, add hood brackets and roll.