So its Valve succeeded to bring Elden Ring to the Steam Deck

Elden Ring is the latest game of developers from FROM Software and now already a huge commercial success. But even a masterpiece, which could convince in our test with top ratings, remains not spared from performance problems . Even on high-end PCs, the game has to fight. Although From Software has already released various patches that brought improvement, there are still a lot of air upwards.

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Besides Elden Ring, Valves Steam Deck was also published last month, the handheld allows you to gamble selected steam games from anywhere. However, the limited hardware of the deck makes it necessary for various technical tricks to be applied to bring modern games to run. While other players are still struggling with the unopptimized PC version, Valve has succeeded in implementing a fix. Unfortunately this works exclusively on the Steam Deck.

How do the performance problems arise with Elden Ring?

According to Digital Foundry, the DIRECTX 12 API of Windows 10 is responsible for the performance problems at ELDEN RING. Digital Foundry says a game that is not yet completely “done” before you start it, can send the player into a series of never-ending Shader compilation backlogs.

That’s exactly what happens in the PC version of Elden Ring. The game is pausing every time to generate important components of the game, for example a new animation, a new opponent or a new explosion and so the rucklers arise.

Shader Precaching – The solution to all problems?

Still before the handheld was sent to the pre-order platter, the Valve software team came to an idea. Shader compilation works best if it is adapted to the specifications of the PC .

This process is already used by many games and is the reason why they pause to analyze the Hadware and compile the shader accordingly. Exactly at this point Valve sets. Why Valves Fix for Elden Ring currently only works on the Steam Deck, read on page 2!

Valve Fixed The Elden Ring Stutter On Steam Deck | Fix Elden Ring FromSoftware!

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Page 2 Why does Valves solution currently only work on the Steam Deck?

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