The GI Joe deck construction game reveals its first expansion

Renegade Game Studios revealed a lot of new expansions for his Power Rangers, Transformers and Gi Joe franchises, and that included a new expansion for his GI Joe Deck-Building Game. The new expansion is called Shadow of the Serpent and makes players return to the game with new missions, cards from the main deck, charges Cobra, Cobra Troopers and a new command center to build and protect. You will need the main game to play, and those who reserve the game (which is available for pre-order here) you will get a free special bonus box, which adds even more treats.

The bonus box n. ° 2 contains two Joe’s special promotional cards and a backdrop for the control center of it. Those who remember the bonus box of the first game will remember that it included a built hangar, so now you can add another building to your growing base of GI Joe.

Shadow of the Serpent has capacity for 1 to 4 players and can be booked for $ 30.00, and you can find the official description of the new expansion below.

The evil organization charges threatens the world with its plans and depends on you to stop them!

In this game construction game, you and your classmates will lead GI Joe soldiers teams in missions to stop the evil Cobra plans! You have survived the missions of the basic box and you are ready for more. This expansion includes new missions, cards of the main deck, officers and soldiers, and a command center to build and protect!

This is an expansion. The GI Joe construction game is required to play.


2 new missions!
New cards from the main deck that include new joes, utility items, weapons and more!
NEW COBRA Officers to face and Cobra Troopers to defeat.

A command center to build and protect!
Includes a new expert mode card for even greater challenges!
Content summary:

G.I.Joe Deck Building Game - How to play

20 cards of the main deck
13 charges of cobra
8 letters of complications
4 leader letters
1 expert mode card
36 mission cards
5 mosaics of the command center

The expansion Shadow of the Serpent de Gi Joe Deck-Building Game is scheduled to get to stores in the second quarter of this year.

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