1,000 games for 10 euros – and for the good cause

Superhot, Celeste and Baba is you are only a few popular indie classics in the huge game bundle you can buy for under 10 euros – with a total of 994 games that you can then call your own. The proceeds of the Babantic donation bundle goes to the victims of Ukraine conflict. Over $ 2 million have already been collected.

The popular Indie-page Itch.io has put together one of the largest game bundles ever, with over 700 developers who participate. Included here are by no means only no-name games, but indie sizes like this here:

  • Baba is you (Steam)
  • Celeste (Steam)
  • Superhot (Steam)
  • Minit (Steam)
  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Steam)
  • Baldi’s Basics Plus (Steam)
  • Rusty Lake Hotel (Steam)
  • Alt-Frequencies (Steam)
  • Bonbon (Steam)
  • Inmost (Steam)

The Itchio bundle is still available until March 18th 2022.Schief by the offer and scrolls through the number of games!

Bundle revenue go to humanitarian aids in Ukraine

Not only do you get so many indie games that you basically played playfully – also go All revenue directly to the two aid organizations International Medical Corps and Voices of Children . International Medical Corps generally helps for the conflict in Ukraine and Voices on Children specializing in the help for traumatized children in the war.

1,000 Games for $10 for a Good Cause! Homebrew Review

So far, the bundle has already taken over two million dollars, the target is four million dollars. You can easily pay via PayPal, and it is possible and also desirable that you pay more than just the $ 10 – which incidentally also translates even less than 10 euros. Either way, the offer is unique, and that would be if the bundle would contain only the indie hits listed above, which are already very much more expensive together on Steam.

Bundle for Ukraine is a unique opportunity for players to participate in the donations for Ukraine. And even if you do not necessarily want to donate – together you save at the bundle just under 6000 euros , at least if you would fully pay each of these games.