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LOL: Can T1 and Faker achieve the perfect season in LCK? The 18th

Never before in the history of the South Korean Lck of League of Legends a team had dominated with such a regular season as T1 this Spring Split. Those of Lee “ Faker ” Sang-Hyeok have expired at the 16 series at the best of 3 who have played, subtracting them only two more for playing before finishing the season.

It is a very real possibility that T1 ends up as the only team in history in this competition with an impolved marker, without defeats. Therefore, perhaps it is time to reflect on two things: on the one hand if you can get this 18-0 that would be for posterity, and for another what this would mean and if there are precedents in League of Legends and sport in general.

How have you reached here?

T1 aimed to be favorite this LCK season . After maintaining the block, in which Faker complements with his level and experience to four other players, very talented, it seemed obvious that an improvement of the team should be expected in 2022. To this we must add the fragmentation of teams like Damwon Kia, Although they maintain their two main stars, or that other retaid-based facts like Nongshim have not taken the size.

Nor is it that T1 has had a leading star of the league, since Faker appears third of the career by the MVP with 9 awards, while Canyon takes 5 in first position. It is not that they have not had stunning individual performances, in fact GUMAYUSI has the best Competition Farm, Best Average Kills and Best Gold Differential of the Competition, while Keria has a maximum assistance.

As a team, they have dominated the season, with Maximum Statistics in Kills, Torres, First Blessed, First Tower, Heralds, Golden Differential 15, Nashors and Damage by Minute . Any explanation has to be beyond the state’s state of players, good drafts and tactical work inside the invoker crack.

The Factor Covid

Without demeaning T1, which has shown an insulting superiority during this season, the truth is that it belongs to a noble group within the South Korean Lck of League of Legends. The Faker team is, along with Damwon Kia and Kwangdong Freecs, one of the few teams that have not had serious Covid problems in his template .

Since the competition is being face-to-face at Seoul’s stadium, this makes players contagious by the virus can not go to it and compete together with their peers. Therefore, there are many teams in this league that have had to play with the substitutes, or directly with the Academy team. In fact, the last victory of T1 occurred against the Quintet Academy of Fredit Brion.

Of course, T1 has always faced alternates and debutants, but being able to always count on the starting team makes it not miss synergy among the players. Other teams may have gone badly to get used to the patches that have been coming and the evolution of the metajame.

What would you mean by 18-0 and why is not a perfect record?

Let’s talk for a minute about the format of the regular season at LCK. The teams play series at the best of three maps on each day. This implies that they can lose a map, and still tell that day with a global victory. Therefore, the Global Record of this T1 is at once 16-0 and 32-6. T1 has lost games against Nongshim, Hle, Damwon Kia and Fredit Brion. Therefore, we can talk about a percentage of total victories of 84% .

We already told you that in the LCK there are no precedents of an 18-0, but we have one closer, as is FNATIC in the European LCS of 2015 . The Huni, Reignover, Fobiven, Rekkles and Yellowstar team managed to complete a perfect season, a feat that could not even match the best G2 ESPORTS.

precedents in traditional sport

If we go to other sports, the perfect seasons are tremendously complex to get. In the American football NFL is the milestone of the miami dolphins in 1972, when they won all regular season games and the three postseason matches for a 17-0-0. They also had a perfect season new england patriots 2007, although they lost the Super Bowl in front of New York Giants.

In European football we have cases such as 11-0-0 Bayern of Munich at the Champions League of 2019-2020 or 22-0-0 of Juventus * * Female Last year in Serie A. There are many teams that achieved seasons without losing, such as the Arsenal ** of Arsene Wenger in 2003-2004, but here the ties come into play.

If we go to NBA basketball, the thing is complicated by having a total of 82 regular season games. No team has managed to win all meetings, but the record has them Golden State Warriors of 2015-2016 with 73-9, 89% of victories. If T1 expires the two series that left against Liiv Sandbox and DRX by 2-0, the best possible result would reach 85.7% of victories, staying below Stephen Curry and company.

Is it possible by 18-0 T1?

Yes of course. T1 is the best team on the planet today and that goes beyond the statistics. Your game style is polished until the smallest detail and your rivals would not have to be a problem when it comes to getting this goal. LiIV Sandbox is the penultimate classified of the LCK and is not played absolutely nothing.

His second rival will be DRX , which is not that he has many incentives to get the victory beyond preventing the record of T1. He has the direct duel lost with Gen.G, so he can not scale to the second position, and the only challenge is to maintain the distance of a match with DWG KIA and to take the third place of the classification. This duel will also be the last of the season, and will start next Sunday at 12:00 in the morning (Spanish peninsular time).

Foto extracted from the Twitter of T1 lol.