Bandai Namco wants to convert Elden Ring into a transmedia franchise

Elden Ring Has Done The IMPOSSIBLE! Namco Bandai's Response Is AMAZING! New Updates!
Elden Ring has already become a success. The title, which has surpassed the 12 million copies sold all over the world, is also the best launch of an original IP in Europe since 2016. The adventure of fromSoftware has taken the relay of The Division, and besides It has been the best-selling game in February in most countries of the continent, with the exception of Germany. However, and as explained by the statement with which the company has announced these successes, it seems that Elden Ring will not stay here and seek to become a Transmedia franchise, an IP that could see his universe and his characters jump to the cinema, The series or comics: “Please, follow attentive to Elden Ring as IP (characters and other type of intellectual property) while we seek to expand it beyond the Kingdom of Games,” we read in the press release.

«It is amazing the number of people who are playing Elden Ring,” writes Hideta Miyazaki in the statement, “I would like to extend a thank you for all the development team. We hope that players enjoy freedom to adventure in this world, explore their many secrets and face their challenges. ” In a note published by Bandai Namco, the president and CEO of the company, Yasuo Miyazaka, reaffirms his intention to transcend the games with the aim of expanding the fan base.

In the absence of publishing the final analysis, my companion Víctor Martínez has narrated his progress in the game through the notes of the middlelands that, along with our monograph focused on the history, evolution and legacy of from Software, is essential to understand Some of the keys of the Elden Ring phenomenon.

Elden Ring is already available at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and xbox x | s.