“The Priority of the National Assignment Priority” …

Yoon Suk-yeol said, “The same is true for the 18th,” but on the way of the new government, the priority of the state challenge is also for the national integration. “

Yoon Suk-yeol said he said in the first entire meeting held at the President of the President of the President of the Financial Supervisory Institute of Seoul, Prior to the entire meeting, I opened the act of the instrument and raised an anchor for the next government envision.

Yoon, Yun, said, “Today’s 200th Presidential Acquisition Committee is officially launched,” he said, “Having a national security and the people of the National Citizens of the National Citizenship, The people will be prioritized. “

“It is possible to ensure fair opportunities, regardless of which area, regardless of which area, regardless of the government, and when trusted and trusted the government,” the new government must be a government, the government, the ability and skills of work ” Highlighted.

“If you look at the initial view of the government, you can see the government ‘s term.

He also emphasized that “will be a self-activity for each field, but the national challenge is exceeded by individual departments and the divisions, and asked to tune well in the entire entire entire country in the entire country.”

Orders have also been ordered on the part of the acquisition.

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Yoon, Jeong, a “,” the sketch to a country leading to a national country leading to a national country, as well as the high-growth and polarization of our economy, and the normal to the mid- to long-term goals,

“Especially, Corona 19 confirmed is spreading again, and the Coranavi-phase compatible special committee shall be awarded to focus on definite medical care, along with rapid loss compensation for small self-employed and small businesses.” I would like to prepare for a preemptive response to the case. “

Ahn, Chul-soo, who leads the position, shall be held responsible for the acquisition committee.

“I think that” I think that the successful instrument is a successful government, “he said,” The assessment of the acquisition should keep in mind that the first rating for the new government.

Then, “The committee shall be achieved individually,” he said.

He also said, “Today is the inauguration of 53 days ago. The time left for us is 53 days, “he said,” It seems to be working on a holiday, including Sunday and Sunday. I have to work hard with me with each other that I have to do it all night. “

“The Buddha reports are very large, and it is time to schedule the time to complete the report and the rest of the rest.