Gran Turismo 7 servers are already available once again

For 24 hours, the servers of _ great tourism 7 _ were in maintenance, basically blocking the game to all people. As you will know, this title requires an Internet connection at all times, so activities and repairs such as those we saw yesterday affect large-scale players. Fortunately, This problem has been solved, and Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the series, has issued an apology about it.

Through the official site of _gran Turismo 7, _ Yamauchi shared a letter where not only apologizes for the inconveniences that the support for the servers caused the public, but also revealed the reason for this maintenance. ** This It was what he said:

“I wanted to explain what happened in this update.

Immediately before the launch of the update 1.07, we discover a problem in which the game was not started correctly in some cases in versions of products for PS4 and PS5.

This was a rare problem that was not observed during the testing hardware or quality control sessions before the launch, but to prioritize the safety of the saved data of the users, we decided to interrupt the release of the update 1.07. and make a correctional update 1.08.

Kazunori Yamauchi Responds to Gran Turismo 7 Fan Outrage

This is the reason for the delay.

My most sincere apologies for the late report to all “.

Unfortunately, it seems that the DRM system, and the functions of always online, those that have been severely criticized since the launch of the game, will continue to present . At the moment, Yamauchi noted that it will be notified in advance when the suspensions of the servers are carried out, so that the players can plan their game times.

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Editor’s note:

Once again, it has been clear that this type of game always online is a problem. At the moment we saw a one-day suspension, but in the future this could worsen, and eventually the servers will close, definitely blocking gran tourism 7.