How to recruit Trish in a triangle strategy

As befits the game in which the protagonist goes on the journey to establish relations with other countries and people, you can gain more than 15 game characters in your team along the plot of Project Triangle Strategy. However, your ability to acquire these potential teammates depends on the convictions of Serena, which means that not everyone will automatically join the house of Wolffort. One of these soldiers from Glenbruk, the native country of Serena. Young gangster, Trisch .

Note: follow the secondary spoilers of Trish characters.

Where to find and recruit Trish

Trisch can be added to the House of Wolfforta, by completing Chapter Fifteenth But only after Rosellanov’s defense from the chisant in the eleventh and twelfth chapters. For this, firstly, you need to convince most of your group Vote for a subscription to Frederick in the village of Rosellan. To do this, it is necessary to change the opinion of Anna, Erador, Hewette and Gila, which can be done using the topics for the conversation studied at the study stage in the fifteenth chapter.

After the voting was decided, go to the Roselalan village and to promote the main plot . After the final battle of the fifteenth chapter , Trisch will decide that she is the best treasure hunter than her father, and wants to get a chance to prove it. She will then ask to join the House of Wolfforta, becoming an important addition to your group in the process.

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Abilities Trish

As befits a cunning bandit, Trisch prefers to hold on at a distance in battle and allows his arrows to speak for himself. The first weapon of Trisch is the short onion of the thief, which it uses to pride his enemies from afar. Offers “Flaming Strela” Damage of fire type one enemy at a distance of four cells together with ignition land .

On the other hand, the passive skill “Blessing of Fire” Increases the resistance of Trish Fire with a decrease in its ice resistance. The ability of the “jump” allows it to move in the selected square at a distance of up to five cells , providing it with a few mobility in the extreme case. If you are looking for a character that can quickly move around the battlefield, having collapsed the fiery degree, be sure to find Trisch in the fifteenth chapter!

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