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4K OLED TV: TV with top

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At Amazon you can just get the 4K TV LG OLED A19 in size 48 inches to the Toppreis of 699 euros. According to the comparison platform Idealo, the 2021 published model has never been cheaper at all. Only for Black Friday, it was already available at this price. So far, Amazon does not give any information on how long the offer is still valid. Here you find it:

LG OLED A19 (4K, 48 inches) for 699 € (RRP: 1.449 €) at Amazon

But Amazon is not the only dealer who offers the LG OLED A19 just as cheap. Even with MediaMarkt you can find it for 699 euros, even here is the shipping for free:

LG OLED A19 (4K, 48 inches) for 699 € (RRP: 1.449 €) at Mediamarkt

What does the LG OLED A19 offer?

Image: The A19 is a variant of the LG OLED A1, which is the LGS cheapest OLED TV from 2021. The picture quality is nevertheless outstanding, which of course is not least at OLED technology with its perfect black. The only significant difference compared to the more expensive LG OLED B19 is that the LG OLED A19 has only a 60 Hz display, which is why fast movements are not quite as liquid. In the case of 48 inches comparatively small display, however, it can be more likely to cope with much easier than in large variants.

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Gaming: Since the LG OLED A19 has only a 60 Hz display, there is of course no real HDMI 2.1 with 4K 120 fps. So you have to satisfy you with the PS5 or the Xbox Series X with a maximum of 60 fps at 4K resolution. Otherwise, the LG OLED A19 is very well suited as a gaming television, among other things due to its low input lags of 10 ms. Allm is also supported. The TV automatically switches when playing at the console in the lowest latency mode.

OS & SOUND: The LG OLED A1 uses LGS in-house Operating System WebOS, which offers extensive app support and can also be used to serve quite comfortably. In the sound, the LG OLED A1 cuts off very well. The speakers are of relatively good quality, but they are not very powerful, but offer with a total output and 20 watts only the usual standard.

LG OLED A19 (4K, 48 inches) for 699 € (RRP: 1.449 €) at Amazon

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