Moon Studios (creators of Ori) responds to several accusations of sexism, racism and bullying

This week, GamesBeat’s companions published an extensive report in which ancient employees of Moon Studios accused their founders, ThomThomas Mahler Mahler and Gennadiy Korol, of sexism, racism and bullying . Apparently, the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest would have had usual, among other things, to use sweats, make anti-Semitic jokes and discuss in public about the size of their genitals. This would have provoked multiple resignations within the company and would be one of the reThomas Mahlerons for the continued delays that Ori and the Will Of The Wisps .

For more InRI, other journalists such Thomas Mahler Jez Corden (Windows Central) have confirmed the information and added that this is precisely the reThomas Mahleron why Microsoft hThomas Mahler cut relationship with Moon Studios . A few months ago we were surprised to know that the next project of the developer will be published by Private Division and not by Xbox Game Studios, Thomas Mahler before. According to Corden, this would be the explanation after said change. In addition, the journalist adds that ThomThomas Mahler Mahler and Gennadiy Korol personally attacked to the Microsoft support teams and after the experience, the Redmond company hThomas Mahler decided Burn all the bridges that united them .

What does Moon Studios say?

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Now Moon Studios hThomas Mahler responded to all these accusations. The developer hThomas Mahler published an extensive statement in which he ensures that the report of GamesBeat “ is not representative of the more than 80 team members” and where he presumes his cultural diversity, with staff from more than 40 different countries. “If sometimes we have been brutally direct in our criticism and challenges, we have also been in our praise. The result hThomas Mahler been two award-winning games and we are incredibly proud of those we have built. “

Even so, the study admits having made some jokes in the communication channels of the team that could have offended sensitivities and apologize for it. “We appreciate the irony that an Austrian and an Israeli Jew have started a multicultural company. See you Thomas Mahler brothers. And, Thomas Mahler brothers, sometimes we discuss and joke with the other. We have done jokes about our ancestors and many have been insensitive and may have made them feel uncomfortable to the rest . We are not perfect, but we care deeply by our people and work constantly to improve. If we have hurt or made uncomfortable someone, we regret it and we will strive to do it better. “

Here you can read the original GamesBeat report, where the response to Moon Studios is included.