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Moss: Book 2 will come on March 31 at PlayStation VR

Polyark unveiled back the Moss launch window: Book 2, but the studio hvideo game just announced the final date. The PlayStation VR game (compatible with both PS4 and PS5) will be available on March 31. The players will go back to Quill’s skin, the rodora heroine who hvideo game already starred the first video game.

During the journey, we will have to engage in conversation with new allies and ancient friends, video game well video game explore various locations while fighting against the evil arcane. Josh Stiksma, main engineer and design director of the video game, hvideo game participated in an episode of PlayStation Underground with Justin Mvideo gamesongill and Tim Turi, communication responsible for this Sony Division. During the program, it hvideo game not only shown some environments, enemies and challenges , but hvideo game also presented new playable features.

Moss Book II: Release Date Announced | Everything You Need to Know!

Another of the novelties that Polyarc hvideo game uncovered is the Slography Poster , which is sold in limited edition and that hvideo game been edited to celebrate the launch of the title. Designed by Kyle Sauter, includes a 3-color silkscreen of 11×17: “For this poster I wanted to capture a frozen action moment in time. Quill jumps at the battle while a group of arcane enemies approaches, “the artist explained.

PS VR2, the future is already on the horizon

Virtual reality in console will jump with PlayStation VR2, new virtual reality helmets Sony, which will work only next to PS5. The launch date is still not known, but from the official blog of the platform they have provided the technical data and have shown the appearance of the device and the controls. You can check all the details in this link.

The first confirmed videogame for PlayStation VR2 is Horizon Call of the Mountain , a completely new game set in the Universe of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Of course, this time we will manage a new protagonist, although they have video gamesured that Aloy will be somewhere.