Asmongold threatens to reveal payment problems to win from Lost Ark

In recent days, Asmongold has expressed a lot of frustration for arca lost The payment requirements to win. While the transmitter is a fan of the MMO, for a long time it has been frank when it comes to the players obtain an unfair advantage if they can spend more money in a game. During a contraction transmission on March 16, Asmongold took things a little further and demanded that Amazon Games and Smilegate publish a road map for the game within 10 days. If companies do not, it will make a transmission dedicated to delineating the more atrocious examples of arca lost payment problems to win.

«Amazon Smilegate In 10 days, if we do not have a roadmap, or we have no idea where this game is directed, I will show you a transmission and I will show you all how F * * The King of Payment to Win making its content is right now », said Asmongold. “10 days. 10 days, and I will show you all what is wrong, okay? »

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In a video published on March 14, Asmongold disagreed with arca Lost The incursion of Argos Abyss, noticing how difficult it is to reach the required level without paying. In that video, Asmongold noted that several functions available for players in Korea and Russia allow the levels of elements more easily. Presumably, a road map could show arca lost players how soon some of those characteristics will be added to the game in North America. Given the popularity of arca lost, Amazon and Smilegate may not worry about Asmongold’s threats, but the transmitter has many followers and a lot of influence on the MMO community. It is likely that it is not the only frustrated by the aspects of payment to win, and a greater frankness could benefit _arca lost in the long run.

For now, game fans will only have to wait and see how things are developed! The microtransractions will always be the norm for free games, but there are better ways to handle them. Hopefully, things will change for better in arca lost. Meanwhile, readers can consult all our previous coverage of the game here.

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